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What Happened to Hopper in ‘Stranger Things 4’


The fans who love Stranger Things have enjoyed plenty to anticipate in season four. There’s plenty to be excited about, from new characters, and new monsters introductions, to big reunions!

But the most popular issue that’s on everyone’s minds following the season’s final episode was “What Happened to Hopper?”

As viewers, we know that Hopper is still alive. However, Joyce, Eleven, and the other gang members aren’t aware that he’s living in Russia in prison for God knows what. And after long waiting, we now know why he got there. Are you interested in finding out the truth?

This is everything you need to be aware of about the events that took place to Hopper on the set of Stranger Things 4.

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What Happened to Hopper | Does Hopper Get Out Of Russia?


As we witnessed in the final episode of Stranger Things 3, when Joyce shut down the portal, Hopper ended up surviving…but not before the Russians were able to take him away as an inmate. Because they believed that Hopper was a spy who was sent to study their activities inside America U.S., the Russians were able to torture him to obtain information. In the end, they didn’t divulge anything regarding the reason why he was close to that portal Hopper was taken to an internment camp known as Kamchatka.

Kamchatka was the most difficult working camp in the world as Hopper was unable to communicate. The guard who was there, Enzo, was fluent in English and was able to speak to Hopper, which eventually gave Hopper the chance to escape.

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All the period, Joyce, Eleven, Murray and the rest thought that Hopper was dead. With the assistance of Enzo, Hopper was able to deliver a package to Joyce’s home that contained an unidentified doll and a note that instructed the recipients to dial a specific number.

Joyce spoke to Murray to help figure out the next steps. With the help of a location scrambler, Murray and Joyce dialled the number, and Enzo advised them to take $40,000 from Hopper’s trust and then deliver it to an individual known as Yuri, who was located in Alaska.

When Joyce and Murray went on their journey, Enzo gave Hopper the update and warned Hopper that his escape window was extremely tiny.


In order to take free of his shackles, Hopper traded a meal with another prisoner for the prisoner to strike his foot. The exchange worked for a while, and Enzo instructed Hopper to go to the church in the town and wait for Yuri, and he was honest about the fact that his odds of escape were about 50:1.

In the aftermath of breaking his axe, Hopper took refuge within a nearby building. He took off the shackle of his injured foot. A guard began to become suspicious and questioned Hopper. He then noticed that Hopper was able to smack him. Other guards saw the fight and pursued Hopper, but Hopper was able to escape. Hopper ran toward the snowmobile and utilized the vehicle to escape, shocking everyone around him and eventually getting to the church, waiting for Yuri to return him to Alaska.

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However, Hopper was not so lucky. Hopper, Yuri, turned on Hopper and Enzo when he decided to keep the money and surrender them all. Hopper narcotics Joyce Murray and Joyce Murray and then tried to transform them into KGB; however, his plan fell through after Joyce and Murray fled on the aeroplane ride and crashed into the middle of the field.

All of them survived; however, Yuri was taken prisoner, and Joyce ordered him to inform the group where to locate Hopper. Hopper and Enzo were arrested and snatched up while they were at it. The Russians put them in a cell together with other prisoners.

The prisoners were shocked to find a special meal that was prepared for them, and they were informed that they would take part in a major fight. Hopper knows they’ll be fighting a Demogorgon and will be fed by it.

While they were returning to their cell, Hopper engaged in a verbal fight with Enzo and a few Guardsmen to take part in. Confounded, Enzo asked him if it was worth hurting in order to fight the monster, and Hopper explained that Demogorgons were really afraid of fire, and Hopper was able to get alcohol from the restaurant and also a lighter that was stolen from the guard to aid them later on.

In the meantime, Murray pretended to be Yuri to gain access to the camp, which was successful. Generals then brought Murray, disguised as Murray, to observe the prisoners as they faced the Demogorgon Murray brought out an assault rifle in, threatening to shoot them if they didn’t open the gates, allowing the prisoners out.

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The guards would not let the gates open in worry that the Demogorgon might be able to attack the guards. In a rage, Murray used his karate techniques to bring the entire group down.

Joyce began pressing buttons with the hope of opening the gate as the Demogorgon took other prisoners, hostage while Hopper and Enzo struggled to make it through. Fortunately, Joyce was able to discover the right button, and the two made it to an area that was safe after Hopper launched his fiery weapon at the Demogorgon in hopes of taking it down permanently.

In a heartfelt moment of reunion, Joyce Hopper and Joyce Hopper embraced while Murray and Enzo watched.


We are only allowed to see it in the first episode of season 4. one of season 4. We’ll need to wait until the beginning of part 2 to determine the likelihood that they will return to America in good health and safety. It’s good that there won’t be a long because the Stranger Things 4  part 2 will premiere in July!

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