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What Happened To Isaac In Teen Wolf

Although He Was Only on ‘Teen Wolf’ for Two Seasons, Isaac Left an Impression

Even though the show was canceled a few decades, Teen Wolf still has an avid fanbase. The show ran for over six years in the US on MTV, loosely modeled off an 80s-themed comedy film with the same name, starring Michael J. Fox. 

The show was an integral element in Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey’s success as actors, however, there were many notable characters on the show some that which viewers are still unsure about.

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What did happen to Isaac on the show ‘Teen Wolves What happened to Isaac on ‘Teen Wolf’?

Although he was not an integral part of the cast Daniel Sharman’s Isaac Lahey made an unforgettable impression on the viewers who watched Teen Wolf. Isaac appeared in the initial episode of the second season. He was the father of Coach Lahey, who abused his son by locking him up inside confined areas. Isaac was diagnosed with claustrophobia and following a dispute with his father, he decided that he would like to be werewolves.

In the end, Isaac began a romantic relationship with Allison Argent, although the two didn’t manage to spend a long time together. Allison’s death towards the conclusion of the third season plunges Isaac into a state of sorrow, and that is also the time he decides to leave. The father of Allison, Chris, leaves Beacon Hills in search of some emotional healing. Isaac does not return.

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While Isaac was a major influence during the course of the program, Isaac wasn’t the main character. After his departure from the show, he was never mentioned in the show. Similar to most television shows, the back actors are usually more prone to change than the main characters, who remain fairly constant from season to season. Isaac’s departure might have disappointed many fans however, it was a normal business for the long-running television series.

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