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What Happened To Josie In Riverdale

What Happened To Josie In Riverdale? Here Is What You Need To Know!

With the show’s increasing popularity with young people, viewers have been looking for answers about the fate of Josie in Riverdale This is more

Riverdale is back for its fifth season, which is available on Netflix. Alongside the main characters in the show, The show has introduced several intriguing characters that have received an enthusiastic response from viewers. One of those characters was Josie who is the leader of the band at high school. 

Although she was briefly glimpsed in the show, however, viewers haven’t had the chance to see her on the screen during the current season. Check out the events that took place in her character and her story.


Here’s what happened to Josie at the time of Riverdale

Josie is a well-known character that briefly appeared in the series at various points. With Josie’s character not being part of the storyline of the show, a number of fans have asked questions regarding what happened to Josie. Josie appeared to be a determined and focused person who was very determined about her music career. 

Although the main characters Archie as well as Veronica were kept from one another, Josie had a fling with Archie which lasted for several months. They even dated each other in a few episodes in Season 3 of the TV show.

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The story portrayed her father Myles who is an experienced jazz singer who was also a visitor to the town. He initially refused Josie when she requested that he allow her to accompany him on his gigs. But He changed his mind after seeing Josie perform in the very first place. Then, she decided to end her relationship with Archie to allow her to pursue her career in music with her father. 

Josie’s character was subsequently eliminated from the Riverdale story, which is why she has not been seen in the show since. Although it’s not confirmed that her character will not be returning but there’s been any confirmation as to whether Josie will return either.

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