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What Happened To McKay In Euphoria

“Euphoria” Fans Really Need to Know What Happened to McKay

Season two of “Euphoria” left fans with lots of questions among the most popular ones that arose from the start of the season to the end of the season were: Where is Chris McKay? 

The trailers that first aired of season 2 caused alarm bells to go off among fans due to the fact that season one’s character Chris McKay (Algee Smith) the boyfriend of Cassie was absent which left viewers wondering whether he’ll be a part of “Euphoria.” 

Although Smith did appear in the season 2 premiere, his appearance was to end the relationship with Cassie and end Fez’s feud with Nate. Smith was not in any subsequent episodes. The question is why?

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What Happens to McKay in “Euphoria” Season 1?

We meet McKay during the initial season, even though he’s as active as other teens due to his age and is already in college. He’s been seeing Cassie however, his issues with football and college have put stress on their romance. They’re having a tough to finding an equilibrium in their relationship.

She tries to get sex, but when he doesn’t she’s upset and he demands naked women or others. If they fall asleep together, however, they will usually return to their feelings towards their partner. In one of the most harrowing episodes towards the close of the season, McKay is assaulted sexually by his fraternity brothers which can also cause problems for his relationship with Cassie. 

If Cassie is found to be having a baby with McKay and he isn’t able to take the news with a smile. He asks her to keep the baby when she replies, “No, I just wanted to dream for a while.” In the end, Cassie gets an abortion, however, McKay has disappeared. discovered.

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What Has Algee Smith Said About Returning to “Euphoria”?

In the year 2019 Smith has spoken several times about his thoughts regarding the possibility of “Euphoria” season two. Smith told Complex in July 2019 “I’m just ready to come back there now that I’m seeing the storyline, we can see an audience and watch it as a viewer. I know exactly how I want to return and sharpen myself next time, so I’m excited.” 

But this was prior to the COVID-19 pandemic bringing Hollywood to a standstill and delaying season 2 for quite a while. The film’s production did not begin until 2021, however “Euphoria” aired two special episodes concerning Rue as well as Jules (Hunter Schafer).

In a January 2021 interview with “Schon,” Smith still appeared keen to return to McKay for the second season. Smith told the magazine that “I cannot wait to watch “Euphoria” season 2″Euphoria” season two! I’m looking forward to getting back on the set and being part of all of the “Euphoria” family again. What can expect from Chris Mckay, …. I’m not sure … The team isn’t starting to create the second season yet. I hope we’ll be able to return to work when COVID gets rid of!”

However, what transpired between then and now remains an unanswered question since Smith hasn’t shared anything on social media regarding his participation in the new season of the show there are no trailers or Instagrams and no behind-the-scenes snippets, and nothing else. Smith also didn’t attend the season two premiere, which was in January along with the rest of the cast. But that’s not to say that he didn’t stay active throughout the epidemic. His film featuring Chloe Grace Moretz, “Mother/Android,” was released on Hulu on December. 17.

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Why Wasn’t Algee Smith in “Euphoria” Season 2?

It’s not clear the reason Sam Levinson decided to write McKay out of season 2 and if Smith’s comments on Twitter are any indication the decision wasn’t his. Smith was a fan of the tweet on Dec. 20th, 2021 tweet that included a gif from “The Vampire Diaries”‘ Elena crying, with the caption “No more McKay.”

One reason why he’s become so popular for fans is that as a college student there aren’t any close ties with high school students (he’s acquaintances with the high school students, but away from the environment), and especially since the couple has split. Cassie. It’s only natural for him to leave and concentrate on his college life.

But, McKay’s story was sadly unfinished after the premiere season. The viewers never saw how he reacted to being assaulted sexually, so there’s a lot more to tell in regards to McKay.

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Could Algee Smith Appear in “Euphoria” Season 3 and Beyond?

There’s no evidence that McKay is going to be included in the future season in “Euphoria” at the moment however it’s not possible. The show’s key characters such as Maddy, Cassie, and Nate are getting ready to leave high school, while all of the cast members from high schools are about to enter an academic year in their final years. They’re an inch closer to becoming college-aged as McKay and could provide opportunities to bring Smith’s character once more into the show.

If Smith is willing to reprise his role in”Euphoria” or not, all indications indicate that he’s a game. Throughout “Euphoria”‘s season two, Smith regularly tweeted about McKay’s absence and even joked the character might have much better having Cassie (which is certainly an accurate claim).

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