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What Happened To Mike In Sing 2

Following the huge success of the 2016’s Sing which earned over $630 million in the world movie box offices, it was just an issue of time before another sequel made its way to our screens. Let’s find out What Happened To Mike In Sing 2 reading the post below!

Finally, the eagerly-awaited sequel finally came out in US cinemas in the month of December 2021. The film will be a hit with audiences eager to see the next chapter in Buster Moon and the gang’s musical tale.

But, viewers have been confronted with questions regarding the fate of a character following the discovery that Mike the mouse vanished in Sing 2.

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The 2016 film Sing, Mike the mouse (voiced by Seth McFarlane), begins the film as a cocky character with only one goal: to get the prize of $100,000 that is advertised on the posters.

Little does Mike not realize that the award is just $1,000, as the flyers had an error due to Buster Moon’s old assistant Miss Crawly.

Thinking that the prize is just as excellent as his own, Mike purchases a new, flashy vehicle and concocts a group of Russian bear mobsters during the card game.

The bears don’t take well to the trick and follow Mike to Buster’s Theatre and are furious to discover that Mike does not have the cash to cover his expenses.

After Mike entertains his fans with an amazing performance Of The Way I See It Way The bears return to take the mouse away in his brand new car, and he’s not seen nor heard of ever again.

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It’s safe to say Mike’s fate is now an enormous topic of debate in the world of Sing fans, with many offering theories about the fate of the mouse.

The underlying theme of many theories is the fact that Mike was a victim of fate and met with a tragic ending after he was into trouble with the bear criminals.

One person on the discussion website Quora was thinking about this particular idea: “My guess is that Mike was stuck at a conclusion. That’s why poor Seth McFarlane doesn’t get to be as a sequel.”

A fan on Quora was slightly more optimistic: “I think Mike got off with his girlfriend in the car. The moment the bear appeared at the rear of the vehicle I’m guessing they turned around to see the bear. They drove away from the bear towards the curb. They then go to their girlfriend’s house and stay there for a time until the beach is cleared.”

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And lastly, this person posted on Reddit provided three reasons to back the notion that Mike was unfortunate to meet a final

The first is an ode to the television show that is known “What happened to the mouse?”

The fable is said to appear in a TV or film show in which a minor character disappears in a mysterious fashion after playing their role in the story. Several followers believe this is the reason Mike the mouse disappeared mysteriously.  

Sing 2 was the first to hit screens across the US on the 22nd of December prior to a similar release in the UK on January 28th.

A few years later than the original film’s events, the second tells in the footsteps that follow Buster Moon as he looks for his next big success following the success of New Moon Theater.

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But, Buster may have bitten off more than he was able to take when he has plans to perform at the Crystal Tower Theater in Redshore City and, to enhance the spectacle to the point of being amazing, the always optimistic Koala and the gang need to convince rock star Clay Calloway to join them.

Sing 2 is out today at UK theatres after the release date of the 28th of January 2022.

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