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What Happened To Morgan In The Walking Dead

What was the fate of Morgan In The Walking Dead? Is he dead? Let’s find out in the article below! Morgan Jones, who Lennie James plays as the main character in The Walking Dead is active in the world of fandom since the very first episode which debuted on October 31, 2010. He is a character that has changed hands several times but is always an important character.

If you are able to recall the beginning of The Walking Dead, Morgan and his son Duane (Adrian Kali Turner) helped save our heroes Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). The father-son pair are the first characters Rick meets after waking up from an in-hospital coma. They talk about what’s happened in the aftermath of the illness and offer to take care of Rick and his injuries.

They show him how to take down the undead by using the use of heat, and Rick is, with the law enforcer who is kicked into high gear, must be able to ” “We’re certain they’re dead? I’m required to inquire.” Morgan assures him that they’re dead, however, some part of the brain is recharged, but they’re really dead.

Although Morgan realized what was happening with the undead, the man was unable to decide to kill the reanimated form of his spouse. It would end up being an enormous mistake in the event that his dead wife but the son Duane before Morgan is able to stop her.


The Walking Dead Morgan Jones

If Rick and Jones go off on their own it is planned to meet in Atlanta. Rick respects his commitment to broadcast them every evening however, he does not hear from them.

In season 3 Rick, Michonne and Carl go on a supply run and meet an individual who shoots at them from a roof. The man will later be identified as Morgan and his mental state is greatly affected by what the trio has witnessed. He recounts the tale of not being able to murder his wife, which leads to his death as he tells Rick that those who are weak inherit the earth.

He refuses to be a part of the prison because he knows the high likelihood of death.

The next occasion Morgan appears is during season 5, where Morgan is seen walking along the railroad tracks leading to Terminus. He finally makes it to the church of Father Gabriel, in which he finds the letter Abraham recorded on his map of the world’s need for Rick Grimes. This is a sign to Morgan that his friend is alive.


Then, during the season, he’s met at the campfire by a group of Wolves. He comes across two men trapped inside the van, Daryl, and Aaron, and helps the two. They invite him to travel to Alexandria and find out that Rick is in Alexandria.

Morgan is given an open episode in season 5 entitled “Here’s Not Here.” The episode provides an in-depth look into the factors that created Morgan into the character from season 5 we are introduced to. A man known as Eastman (John Carroll Lynch) introduces him to The Art of Peace. The Art of Peace instructs him on techniques of Aikido defense. The book declares, “completely avoid killing, even the evilest person.”

This changes Morgan dramatically and he begins to learn his “all life is valuable’ adage. However, it returns to haunt him after he doesn’t kill any of the Wolves they encountered and they are later found infiltrating Alexandria.


Morgan is a successful participant in Alexandria until the conclusion of the 8th season. After the Savior’s war, Morgan goes to Jadis Heaps but remains there by himself. Morgan decides to leave Virginia even though his family and friends attempt in convincing him to remain.

In season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead In season 4, we learn that Morgan has shifted to the show and his first encounter is with a character known as John Dorie (Garrett Dillahunt).

Fear the Walking Dead is currently in the show’s seventh season, and Morgan remains a crucial component of the series.

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