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What Happened To Steven In Dynasty

Dynasty recently concluded its tense Season 4, where the Carringtons have to deal with weddings, family rivalries, and the passing of their loved family members. It’s a typical everyday life within the Dynasty universe. However, there’s something missing.

Because of its weak plotlines for the main characters, Dynasty Season 4 isn’t one of the best seasons. One constant is the amazing family relationship. Even when it’s not the most exciting on the outside in Carrington Manor, there’s bound to be some drama within their modest house.

Amanda Carrington’s arrival on the show is an event that will complete Season 4 and creates a new enthusiasm from the viewers. Eliza Bennett is magnificent as Amanda and she gives the show a new and unique style that we did not know was needed prior to her appearance on the show.

But, with the arrival of another Carrington sibling, There’s a problem to address: Steven. Steven Carrington has been MIA since the halfway point of Season 2 His return to the show is overdue.


Steven is last seen in Season 2 Episode 14, “Parisian Legend Has It,” in what could be a brief goodbye. However, after Adam’s crude method of coercing Steven to believe Steven is mad, Steven is left in a psychiatric hospital in Paris.

Then, he’s absent from the scene, aside from a few mentions, however no details ever.

Life goes on without Steven as he has never been there. Sam is able to finalize his divorce from Steven, Fallon and Liam are married, Adam takes Steven’s spot in the family dynamic Alexis gets a new look and Anders goes to heaven.

Throughout the life of Steven’s family and friends, Steven isn’t mentioned at all, and when he’s mentioned talking about it, it’s a casual comment that doesn’t do him justice.


Dynasty enjoys an exciting face-lift So why is it that Steven does not have the same chance? It is clear there is a reason James Mackay did not intend to quit the show and was removed forcibly. The reason he was dismissed is unclear or what led to his demotion.

On the show that is known to change characters as often as it can, it’s an insult on the cheek to the viewers who are awed by Steven that Mackay’s exit stall Steven’s story.

Steven has plenty in the drama of this show however Steven is the calmest among his family and those around him. Steven doesn’t like flashy content like Fallon or searching for an arc of drama by himself. He doesn’t like being the subject of the typical Carrington drama.

While Fallon enjoys a good eye-spinning scene, Steven is more down-to-earth and less flashy. He is honest and is much more for doing what is right, not a political stance or materialistic inclination. These are just a few traits that make Steven popular with the fans.

The former head writer of Dynasty Paula Sabbaga wrote the account on Instagram shortly after Mackay’s departure. It stated that Mackay would return for season 4 with a fresh political storyline. So, what transpired?


It’s a pity for someone such as Steven to be omitted in a show that is so absorbed in family life. There’s not a mention of him at the wedding of Fallon or Anders his death both of which are significant occasions in life.

Both of these situations require a name change at the very minimum. Steven’s father passed away, due to crying and there’s not a single mention of him in the book.

Fallon and Steven were inseparable from the time they were kids, which is why there’s an issue with the writing that she would only mention Steven in his confinement during the last two seasons.

If the show was true to her character she would have seen her name mentioned as Steven at some point during the wedding drama. The most important moment in her life is set to occur and there’s not any mention at all of her beloved brother.

It’s obvious that Steven has been ostracized from the show for a particular reason However, is there any reason to justify letting go of one of the greatest characters? There are disputes between characters and the option of recasting is one that Dynasty can choose to use. option to select but they won’t.

Adam has been flourishing ever since he arrived and took Steven’s spot, which is deplorable and disgusting. Adam has a manipulative nature, deranged, and is a person who is bound to flourish until he’s mangled by iron boots. It’s true, theoretically. But not necessarily. I wouldn’t mind If Adam finally took the plunge.


Sam Underwood is a brilliant actor who performs Adam brilliantly however, the character is enough to make me want to scream.

Steven is the one who can Steven is the key to bringing Adam down to the ground once and for all however, it’s evident that he’ll require assistance to make his return in the show.

Amanda’s introduction provides the perfect scenario to get Steven back to the family. Her determination to stand up to Adam and his blunders makes her the ideal candidate to help bring Steven back. Amanda has proved to be Adam’s equal in the short amount of time she has appeared.

Amanda’s integration into the family with no mention of Steven isn’t going by unnoticed. It just fuels the flame within me that longs for Amanda to become the person who will avenge Steven for his actions.

Season 5 will revolve around Amanda’s investigations into Adam and will lead her to discover that her older brother is not who she claims to be. Together with Steven, Steven may devise a devastating plan that could destroy Adam and perhaps the entire family who has forgotten about him too.

The exchange of kisses and hugs by Steven as well as the other family members is not on the agenda at this stage. They’ve all left him, and have moved into their own lives. His family members turned their backs on him during his most desperate crisis moment, eliminating Steven from the world. The idea would provide a great surprise to witness Steven become a villain in order to exact his revenge.


However much it costs, Dynasty must have Steven Carrington back for Season 5. I don’t care about whether that involves the possibility of bringing Mackay back to reprise her role, or completely recasting. If not, take the character. It’s painful to realize that there’s a multifaceted and thrilling character on the sidelines, but not being used.

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