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What Happened To The Plane In Manifest

Manifest explained What was the fate of the plane in Manifest?

MANIFEST has proved to be among the top watched supernatural shows since it was made international on Netflix. What did happen to that plane from Manifest?

Manifest was a three-season series for three seasons on NBC before they pulled the plug. The viewers were devastated to learn the supernatural drama was removed, however, the show is available via Netflix. The viewers are eager to know what was the fate of the plane that vanished.

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What happened to the plane during Manifest?

The Manifest series is a well-loved supernatural show that follows passengers on an airline who disappear as part of a baffling phenomenon.

The plane, number 828, heading to New York, included a huge storm but the passengers were convinced they were safe on their way.

They were shocked to discover that they were missing for five years, but were believed to be dead.

The remainder of the show follows the characters and passengers as they try to figure their way to the bottom of the events that took place for them.

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In the middle of season one, the wings of the plane were pulled from the ocean and were branded with Montego Airways. Montego Airways.

The plane was seen by a lot of people landing at Stewart International Airport, but it is possible that the plane crashed five years ago.

There are many theories regarding what transpired to the plane which includes time travel as well as Wormholes.

Certain viewers are suggesting that the passengers come from a different future where one plane crashes and another plane arrives in a safe manner.

in the final season, a passenger Ben Stone (played by Josh Dallas) said that they’d been revived because they had lost their lives in a collision.

But, Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur) claimed that the participants were all connected to a mystical gemstone called Sapphire and introduced a religious component.

Jeff Rake, who created the series, said that it was loosely based on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in March 2014.

He had proposed the idea of the series prior to the incident but the idea was not picked up until after the disappearance of the plane.

With this in mind, the answer could remain a mystery, as was the case with this Malaysia flight.

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The internet is full of people who have posted on Reddit to express their opinions about what happened to the plane because the answer hasn’t yet been found out.

One of them said: “My theory: Flight 828 traveled through time. It came down in the future and those in the future realized that it caused an impact on the timeline, possibly one that was negative.

“The plane was meant to be an ordinary flight. The people who were to follow it returned to the plane (it took them a while to get there, hence the five-year gap) and the calls were mostly what the people on the plane would do or might have done should the flight has gone normal.

“Some calls bring two people together, who’ve never even ever met. What do the passengers in the future be able to bring these strangers closer?

“And and there are numerous clues to the calls from passengers’ in their childhood and past, bringing these strangers together.

“It appears to be a little more than being a few individuals from the future who send an aircraft back. Also, what happens to Zeke and the other people who didn’t make the trip who is brought back to life, only to receive calls? What’s the bio element of it?

“I’m around halfway through the third season but it doesn’t seem like they’re revealing many answers. I guess we’ll never know.” 

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The show’s creators were devastated when NBC chose to pull the show after the third season since six seasons had originally been in the plans.

The chances of the public getting an answer to what transpired with the plane in the near future are not likely, but there is still hope.

The creator Rake declared that the author was determined to complete the story in one way or another, whether that be through a novel, film, or series.

The fans are still begging for the show to be renewed for a fourth season on another streaming service.

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