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What Happened to Will in Stranger Things | Includes heartbreaking detail

Stranger Things Season 4 spoilers follow: What Happened to Will in Stranger Things?

Few characters are as tragic as Stranger Things’ Will Byers, which is up there with Lost’s John Locke and Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Willow.

The party-goer with the long hair has been through a lot, whether he is being held captive by the Mind Flayer or left behind by his friends when he settles down. Things aren’t looking good for Will in Stranger Things latest episode , as viewers have noted a sad detail that you may have missed.

Our heroes won the Battle for Starcourt Mall against the Russians, Mind Flayers, but the Stranger Things finale saw them split when Eleven and the Byers families moved to California.

Season 4 begins with Elle (Millie Bobby Brown), struggling with her long-distance relationship and Mike (Finn Wolfhard), while she struggles to fit in at her new school. Will (Noah Schnapp), on the other hand, isn’t having it easy and is not likely to be Prom King. Yet, Will Byers is still the cast member forgotten and left out.

One fan posted on and said, “The saddest thing about this Stranger Things season was that absolutely NO ONE remembers Will’s birthday.” NONE.

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What Happened to Will in Stranger Things?

The second episode, titled ‘Vecna’s Curse’, is mainly remembered as the episode in which Eleven slaps Angela the bully with a roller skate. Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Eleven was given a milkshake at the roller rink and the date on the camcorder shows March 22, 1986.

Because it is Will’s birthday, this should be significant. This is because Joyce attempted to lure Will from the Mind Flayer back in season 2. Joyce reminded him that his birthday was March 22.

Others were shocked that Will was once again left out to care for his adopted sister. Another wrote, “I hate writers so much. I don’t know whether they forgot or if it was deliberate… Will deserves better. He’s a victim of every season.

Another raged: “Wait, Mike didn’t falsely accuse Will that he made that day all about him… his birthday, and he played third to Mileven?”

If Will didn’t want you to hug him, don’t forget that Joyce and Murray left on March 22 to rescue Hopper from Kamchatka.

While there might be some complaints that fan favorite Erica has been pushed to the side during season 4, Will’s current trajectory is even more tragic, given Will’s position at the center of the series from the very beginning.

Will has a major gripe. While his friends find their love interests, his dreams of playing Dungeons & Dragons at the Wheeler basement for all eternity have been crushed. It’s tragic that Will’s birthday was forgotten by everyone because they are too involved in their own problems.

We know that this is not the only obstacle Will will face in the first half season four. Elle wrote to Mike claiming that Will had been painting more lately and that she believes there is a girl she likes.

We don’t need to ask how Vecna obtained his powers. Instead, we need to find out what Will was doing — the most popular theory being that it was a confession about his possible love for Mike.

The topic of Will’s sexuality is still a hot topic for Stranger Things. With Finn Wolfhard stating this might be explored as season 4 develops. There are nice parallels between Will and Richie, who came out as queer in Stranger Things-esque It Chapter Two. Poor Will Byers will be more hurtful if Mike doesn’t reciprocate.

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Mike and Will are clearly heading for a make-or-break moment. Will says that he used to be his best friend. The crew from California is taken into hiding by the authorities, before anyone has a chance to express their feelings. Will also gets to remind his closest and dearest that he forgot his birthday.

Although there is a possibility that the Duffer brothers forgot Will’s birthday on March 22, we are not convinced by the show’s usually encyclopedic continuity. Will, don’t worry… there’s always next season… provided that he survives Vecna’s Curse.

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