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What Is A Decent Hit Rate At Online Slots?

Slot machines do not payout as regularly as other casino games. You’ll win significantly more frequently with a game like blackjack or roulette than slots.

However, you don’t have to accept wildly unpredictable outcomes while playing slot machines. Instead, you must know what to look for to identify pay by mobile games that pay out more regularly.

The hit rate is the key statistic for calculating how often you’ll win on a slot machine. This blog will go through the slot hit rate and its importance.

Slot Game’s Hit Rate Definition

The hit rate of a slot game relates to the frequency with which you will win any payout. Even if a slot only pays 0.6x your bet for a given round, it is still considered a hit.

Increased payouts are directly proportional to an increased win frequency. For example, a slot with a 30% hit rate will provide more rewards than one with a 22% hit rate.

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When It Comes To Hits, What Is The Average?

The average win frequency for slot games is between 25% and 27%. If you’re playing a game that pays out about one-fourth of the time, that’s a common hit rate.

Of course, some slots award wins at a considerably greater or lower frequency than others. The most volatile slots often have a win frequency of 20% or less. Meanwhile, less volatile games might have a 35% or higher hit frequency.

A greater hit rate does not automatically imply reduced volatility. However, it generally suggests that you may expect more regular wins.

If you’re worried about your bankroll, you’ll welcome a more steady supply of payouts. With more money flowing in, you’ll be able to last longer on your bankroll.

Why Is Slot Hit Rate Important?

Win frequency is crucial for many reasons. Below, you’ll see why you’ll want to pay attention to this stat when it’s available.

It shows your win rate

In American roulette, an even-money bet will win 47.34% of the time. You’re winning about half of your bets at this pace.

Slot machines do not pay out anywhere close to this frequency. However, striving for better hit rates will result in more consistent wins.

We’ve played certain slots that had a win frequency of more than 35%. While this statistic may not quite match American roulette, it is not bad in the grand scheme.

Slots that only pay out roughly 20% of the time, on the other hand, will keep you waiting for winnings. You’ll get a lot of empty, non-paying spins at this pace.


You’ll struggle to keep your bankroll afloat if you don’t win consistently. However, a high hit frequency allows you to manage your slot money better.

Of course, not all your winnings will be worth more than your initial cost. However, anything is better than nothing when it comes to slot payouts.

With a greater win frequency, you will be less vulnerable to volatility. Instead, you’ll get higher payments and be able to play for longer periods.

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Wins are thrilling.

You’ll grow bored soon if you keep spinning the reels and coming up empty. However, more frequent wins increase the entertainment factor.

Slots that pay out at a 30% to 35% rate assure you’ll be winning a lot of money. In return, you’ll get to witness more winning animations.

Compare this to slots with a lower win frequency. You may have to wait a long time before you receive a win, which may be frustrating if it occurs often.

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