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What Is Alexi McCammond Ethnicity?

After she was just securing her new job as editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue back in March and April, politics reporter Alexi McCammond’s past came back to bring her back.

About a decade ago, she made homophobic and racist messages on her account. The controversy generated diverse reactions from various individuals, with some of the Teen Vogue staff condemning her recent anti-Asian tweets.

The rage on social media forced her to leave days before starting her new job. People asked questions about her race; later, she appeared to be averse to certain races.

Alexi McCammond Ethnicity

To determine Alexi McCammond’s ethnicity, she revisited and learned more about her parents and their ethnicity.

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Alexi was born in the month of March in Chicago, Illinois. She is the daughter of Shelli McCammond, while her father’s name is not yet divulged to the public.

The only available information is regarding her father’s weight and race. Alexi’s father is believed to be 6 feet 3 inches tall. His ethnicity is African American.

Alexi has also been raised alongside her siblings. Two sisters and a brother, Braxton McCammond and Aubyn McCammond, respectively.

Based on this information, we can conclude that she is of Afro-American origin. She also has American citizenship through birth.

Alexi McCammond’s controversy

A controversy has led people to inquire about Alexi McCammond’s race.

A decade ago, when she was just 17 years old, she made homophobic and racist tweets about Asians that she has since removed from her Twitter account. At the moment, she was an undergraduate student, possibly “young as well as dumb.”

Even though everyone seemed to have forgotten of the Twitter posts, they came back when she was least expecting, following getting a new job at Teen Vogue magazine. Teen Vogue magazine.

Despite her repeated apology, the outrage over social media was enough to force her to quit days before she started her new job.

But, she’s been accepted by Axios, who was employed as a reporter for politics and a deputy editor. When asked about her return to Axios, the Co-Founder and CEO Jim VandeHei said Alexi McCammond is an “accomplished journalist and a professional. We’re thrilled and proud she’s returning to Axios.”

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In the year 2019, Alexi was recognized as an Emerging Black Journalist of the Year by the National Association of Black Journalists.

She is now part of Axios. Axios group is scheduled to participate during the midterm elections of 2022 following her impressive performance in the presidential election.

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