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What Is Robustness Elden Ring | Complete Guide For Beginners!

Robustness is among the factors determining how the player is constructed in Elden Ring. It is a defense stat that provides resistance to frostbite and hemorrhage.

The higher the Robustnesslevel, the greater resistance an athlete will encounter.

Endurance controls Robustness. The armor and shields are equipped with some Robustness which is later enhanced.

Effects of Robustness in Elden Ring

Armor is a member of the Robustness stat, which is listed under Resistance (Image from FromSoftware Inc.)

Endurance is the main attribute of Elden Ring and is, in contrast, Robustness, which is just an attribute.

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Endurance can be increased by using Runes at a Site of Grace. It’s mostly utilized to increase stamina and allows players to boost the amount of equipment they have. In addition, Endurance directly influences a player’s strength.

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Robustness protects players from falling victim to frostbite and hemorrhage, which are both status effects that can cause harm to the player. The following are their consequences:

  • Hemorrhage: Also called bleeding, the damage builds due to repeated effects. The hemorrhage process is gradual and results in a significant amount of damage that equals an amount of maximum HP when the threshold is met.
  • Frostbite builds by the repeated application of this effect. If the threshold is met to be considered a status, the target is deprived of some of their HP as well as their stamina and damage absorption are reduced by 20% over the duration.

Robustness causes the build-up towards the limit to be less. If a specific number of points is added to the statistic, it may even stop the effects from accumulating. Endurance again achieves it.

A look at General Radahn’s Armor set (Image via FromSoftware Inc.)

Armaments are designed with predetermined Robustness. Endurance points could make them more durable.

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Here are some suggestions to help players reach high Robustness in the Elden Ring:

  • General Radahn Set and Lionel’s Set are armor sets with the highest Robustness score of any set in the game.
  • A Mottled Necklace is a charm that improves strength, immunity, and focus.
  • Stalwart Horn Charm is a powerful talisman that can greatly increase Robustness.

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If players don’t have one of these items, they’ll still be able to get some Robustness, regardless of their gear.

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