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When Did Sakura Get Pregnant? – Details Answer Here

Sakura pursued Sasuke after Sasuke was killed in the Fourth Great Ninja War. The two traveled with each other for a short time. The question here is When Did Sakura Get Pregnant?

In June, she fell pregnant with Sarada. Then, the baby was born in Orochimaru’s Hideout, and, since Karin was present and she was there, she gave birth to the baby. It is on episode #23 of Boruto.

There was no mention of Sasuke and Sakura’s wedding in the Naruto Shippuden, Boruto series, and any OVA or Movies. Many people are confused as to the date that Sakura became pregnant. In this article, I’ll try to provide the information we can get from manga and anime along with the book of data.

When Did Sakura Get Pregnant?

There are plenty of theories as well as theories floating on the internet. Many of them are just people laughing at the reality that they did not show Sasuke as well as Sakura being married or together on screen, but there are some real and rational theories.

As we’ve previously mentioned, the fact that Sasuke and Sakura went on a trip together and that later she had a baby, but they didn’t show this directly in the show. Instead, in episode 23 of The Boruto show, Karin clearly that she gave birth to Sarada while Sakura was in labor.

The arc was animated from the spinoff manga titled The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring by Kishimoto himself. The manga also states that she made it clear the fact that Sakura, along with Sasuke, were traveling together before having children.

Therefore, two theories are logical:

  1. Sakura was expecting when they began traveling together.
  2. Sakura was pregnant while they traveled together.

The second choice is more suitable.

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How Did Sakura Get Pregnant?

Sakura was pregnant just like another woman would. However, as we know, Sasuke wasn’t in the village, so they could not spend many hours together before the time Sarada was born.

Sakura became pregnant while she was traveling with Sasuke or before it. If she had been pregnant before that, there are several ways it could occur. One of the most common is caused by Sasuke with his space-time ninjutsu.

You could create a portal with your Rinnegan or pay him a particular trip, Sakura. Sakura whenever he desired. If you’re familiar with what I’m talking about!

How Old Was Sakura When She Got Pregnant?

Sakura was 20 when she was pregnant. The time she became pregnant was June. Before or during that period, she pursued Sasuke.

How Old Was Sakura When She Gave Birth?

Sakura was 21 years old when she gave birth to Sarada. The day she turned 21 was the 28th of March, and she was born on the 31st of March. It was three days later than her birthday when her baby was born.

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When Did Sakura And Sasuke Get Married?

Sakura, as well as Sasuke, was wed in the year 20. After Naruto and Hinata’s wedding ceremony, Sasuke was seen in the area, either giving information or congratulating Naruto. They likely got married at that time. We know that one year later, Sakura became pregnant.

In addition, there is another photo of Sakura dressed in a formal gown that indicates her marriage during episode 24 of the Boruto series.

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Sakura was pregnant following Naruto Shippuden and before Boruto Series. The show did not feature the pregnancy in the manga or the spinoffs or light novels.

She was pregnant at 20 and became a mother just three days after turning 21. She became pregnant and delivered her baby daughter Sarada as she traveled with Sasuke.

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