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When does Lucifer get his wings back?

Lucifer Morningstar of the cult Netflix series “Lucifer,” as played in the role of Tom Ellis, is one of the most popular main male characters in this century (in my opinion).

Here’s a brief spoiler alert. The article will cover many important scenes from all seven seasons of Lucifer. If you don’t like spoilers, stay clear of this article!

Many of us know that Lucifer is among the numerous names for the Devil/Satan, and this is the case with Lucifer Morningstar in the drama with the same name.

The show ran for six seasons and was on air from 2016 to 2021. The show is centered around Lucifer, The fallen angel, and Amenadiel, his angel-brother Amenadiel, and a host of other fantasy creatures.

In addition to the fantasy elements, the show also has many crimes that Lucifer and detective Chloe solve.

After we’ve established Lucifer Morningstar is a fallen angel, we can acknowledge that an angel’s wings play an essential part in the show, and it’s not a surprise that Lucifer’s wings play a role in numerous episodes of the show.

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What caused Lucifer to lose his wings?

At the story’s beginning, Morningstar decides to quit his job as Devil and challenge the father of his son, God, and return to Earth.

But, regardless of his fall Lucifer still has wings, and as he wants to end all relationships with his father of his, Lucifer is able to take his wings away.

Let’s make it clear that Yes, he could have put his wings up; however, when he returned back to Earth, Lucifer wanted full control over his existence in contrast to his past, in which his father controlled everything.

Lucifer created Mazikeen, one of the most loyal lieutenants of his Devilish past, cut off his wings, and put the wings in a secret box that was later stolen.

When Morningstar tries to retrieve the wings he stole, Morningstar burns their wings.

When will Lucifer have his wings restored?

In the last episode from season 2, Lucifer was found in a desert, with his wings restored after being knocked down by someone or something.

The first episode from season 3, titled “They’re back, aren’t they?” Lucifer and Chloe attempt to conduct their own investigation into what caused him to wake in the morning with his wings attached after tearing them completely.

Amenadiel, their angel brother of his, attempted to convince him that this is the act of forgiveness that their father did toward Lucifer However, he rejects the notion.

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After an extensive investigation, police tried to track down the person who abducted Lucifer and found out that the kidnapping was planned in the hands of his fellow Sinnerman.

Although he is determined to rid himself of his wings, Lucifer’s newly restored wings become extremely important to him. They can even save Chloe’s and Lucifer’s life numerous times.

For instance, in the season finale In the finale of season 3, the men under the command of Marcus Pierce start shooting at Chloe as she tries to escape, and Lucifer takes off his wings and saves her and his own life.

Lucifer’s wings can also alter their appearance when he’s going through the emotional phases of his life, becoming divine and angelic while he’s with Chloe but turning dark and Demon when he begins dating Eve again.

They rekindle their romance when Lucifer and Chloe are open about their feelings for one another!

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