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When Does Naruto Fight Pain? Naruto vs Pain Episode!

Naruto fights Pain fight is among the most famous fights in the Naruto series and all of the anime world. This fight allowed the protagonist Naruto the chance to develop and deal with difficult problems. As an avid Naruto fan, you should catch the fight time. When Does Naruto Fight Pain? What, exactly, is Naruto’s fight hurt?

Following his return to the village, armed with the backups, Naruto begins to battle Pain. Naruto is vying with Pain fight begins in the 163rd episode, and it continues to fight until the 169th episode. The episode where Naruto begins fighting Pain is titled “Explode! Sage Mode & the episode where the fight is over is titled The Two Students’

Naruto vs. Pain Fight

Pain is the leader of the notorious Akatsuki. The terrorist organization operated in a mercenary’s capacity and later began to hunt the beasts with tails. Someday they will be coming to the aid of Naruto. In the Naruto 2002 anime, we saw Itachi and Kisame trying to take down Naruto to get nine tails.

Jiraiya discovered that the head of Akatsuki was located in The Hidden Rain Village. He entered the village and began gathering information. However, he came across Pain, the leader of Pain, and had no other choice but to fight the battle alone. Although he was offered multiple opportunities to withdraw, Jiraiya chose to stay and divulge the secret in hopes that someone else from the village could later use the information to take on Pain.

It was, therefore, inevitable that Naruto must fight Pain. To do that, Tsunade sent him to Mount Myoboku to learn the art of sage.

Then, when Pain was able to take on the leaf village, Naruto returned to his Leaf Village and fought Pain.

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When Does Naruto Fight Pain?

Naruto is trained under Lord Fukasaku at Mount Myoboku. Then, when the leader of Akatsuki took on his Leaf Village, Tsunade ordered the messenger frogs to bring Naruto back into the town.

Granny Shima summoned Jutsu and Naruto, Fukasaku, and other Ninja Toads as backups. Naruto is seen in the village at the center of the town towards the close of the 162nd season of Naruto Shippuden. The fight starts in the next episode.

Naruto confronts Pain for the 1st time in episode 163. When Pain is trying to get rid of the exhausted Tsunade, Naruto Jumps in and takes out one of Pain’s attacks with a single strike.

Then he tells Gamakichu to transport Lady Tsunade to a safe place and then takes over from there.

Naruto’s battle against Pain begins in Episode 163 of Shippuden and continues through the 169th episode.

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In What Episode Does Naruto Beat Pain?

Naruto defeats Tendo’s Pain in Naruto Shippuden’s episode 168. After he ejected himself from Chibaku Tensei and suppresses the 9 Tails Chakra due to his 4th Hokage, he starts fighting Pain again.

In hand-to-hand combat against tired Tendo The Pain, Naruto using his incredibly unconventional strategies, wins the fight and reverse-tracked Nagato’s location.

For more information, you can refer to this short video.

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Naruto combats Pain In Naruto Shippuden episode 163 and 169. This long battle offers many aspects to the story and characters that it is possibly the most memorable combat in Naruto’s history. Naruto series.

The seven-episode-long battle will make you think twice about it if you haven’t seen it yet. You’re not alone if you’re looking for the episode’s name to watch again and rewatch.

We all watch this battle every time we think of it.

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