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Where Is Madam Nazar Today

Madam Nazar is known for her habit of shifting around within Red Dead Online, so this is where you’ll locate Madam Nazar on the 24th of November, 2022, within RDR2 Online.

Red Dead Online is a multiplayer game that is a sequel to Red Dead Redemption 2, and like the single-player game, the game includes a variety of NPCs that add to the game’s history and reside in an area that is themed after the Wild West. Madam Nazar is among the NPCs who provide crucial information and items available to purchase from her store.

In the game, Madam Nazar happens to be a fortune teller and an integral component of the storyline of Red Dead Online. So, you’ll need to interact with her in order to complete daily quests. One caveat is that Madam Nazar is known to be shifting around the map every day, and here’s where you’ll be able to meet Madam Nazar right now.

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Madam Nazar’s caravan moves across the globe in Red Dead Online. Is Madam Nazar? (November 24)

You could be wandering about the map, wondering, “where are you, Madam Nazar?” Luckily we have a precise idea of where she is hiding.

At this moment, Madam Nazar is located northwest of Bolger Glade. Take a turn in the direction you came from, and you’ll spot her just above the “R” beyond the road.

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