Who Does Naruto Marry?

In the series Naruto, It’s a bit odd to think about the possibility that there’s a romance among all characters. Because it’s a ninja-based series, it’s safe to conclude that, for the most part, the characters are engrossed in action and adventure plots without any particular interest or desire for romance. But who does Naruto marry?

It is impossible for manga and anime people not to be aware of Naruto. The main character of amine and manga Naruto utilizes his name as the title. There are two significant parts of Naruto that fans who are new to the series should know about: Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

The entire story revolves around Naruto’s life of Naruto Shinobi, a Ninja who sought respect from his family. The manga mainly was about Naruto’s journey to becoming Hokage and saving himself from Akatsuki, a group of villains whose goal is to share all the tail-less beasts. Surprisingly, Naruto is the Nine-Tails which are the strongest of the tail beasts.

Because Naruto is shonen, the manga did not focus much on romantic relationships. However, it is a fact that Naruto has a crush on his teammate, Sakura, did he marry her?

Who Does Naruto Marry and End Up Within the Manga?

Who Does Naruto Marry

For those who are a fan of Naruto and Sakura, then the solution is not. Naruto didn’t end up with Sakura; but instead, Naruto ended up with Hinata. Hinata was one of his classmates who loved Naruto from a distance. The affection she felt for him was evident in the entire manga. From the time they were little, Hinata has always cheered and backed Naruto. Hinata was one of those who have did not consider him to be a monster. So, who does Naruto marry?

Who Was Naruto’s First Crush? : Sakura

The Sakura Haruno character is the very first confirmed lover in Naruto. The two are teammates on Team Seven following their graduation from Naruto’s Ninja Academy, Sasuke, and their teacher Kakashi. While she is polite and frequently blushes when speaking about her, Sakura does not seem to notice Naruto and, when she does, mistreat him. She gets caught in trying to get Sasuke to be attentive to her instead. Ironically, Sasuke is treated with the same snark that she treated Naruto with.

Why Did Sakura Tell Naruto She Loved Him: To Stop Him From Chasing Sasuke

Sakura is trying to convince Naruto not to pursue Sasuke in the future to return him to Konoha in fear of his safety. She does this by lyingly claiming her affection for Sasuke. She believes that Naruto is seeking him out because he told her he would bring Sasuke home. However, Naruto does not believe her and denies her claim and her request to let them go Sasuke. Naruto claims that the reason he is returning him is not connected with his promise to Sasuke to return.

When Did Naruto Get Married: He Get Married During The Last Arc After The Fourth Shinobi World War

It’s unknown what period has passed between Naruto’s admission of his feelings for Hinata and their wedding. However, there are clues about when the wedding will occur about the other significant events in the show. Naruto and Hinata are married in the final episode of Naruto Shippuden, the series following losing to Madara, Obito, and Kaguya, and just after Kakashi is appointed Kakashi, the sixth Hokage.

When Did Naruto Realize His Feelings For Hinata: He Realized When Had Time To Consider Hinata’s Presence In His Life

Hinata admits to her feelings of affection for Naruto in the course of a battle against Pain and is determined to defend Naruto, even at the risk of her personal life. Naruto was, at the time, is shocked by the revelation, and distracted by the fight, to contemplate the implications.

It’s not until later, when he considers the way Hinata always stood by for his back, cheering and encouraging him to keep going, that he realizes He also wants to remain with her forever and expresses his feelings to Hinata.

What Did Naruto Think Of Hinata When They Were Genin? : Gloomy & Weird

The two characters didn’t get to have a good relationship as genin because no one did their best to get to know Naruto when they were in Naruto’s Ninja Academy. After they’ve graduated, they’re in different teams. However, Naruto does inform Hinata that he has always thought of her as dark and strange (which is logical given that Hinata’s crush on him frequently led her to be shy around him). Following her words of encouragement before his battle with Neji during his Chunin Exam finals, Naruto says he’s decided that she’s a good match.

Why Didn’t Naruto Return Hinata’s Feelings After Her Confession: Too Busy With Pain, Sakura, & Sasuke

Naruto cannot comprehend Hinata’s feelings about the latter, in part because plenty is going on at the time of the story, especially when it comes to the epic conflict that’s taking place against Pain. However, Naruto still doesn’t overthink Hinata’s admission once the battle is over.

What Are Some Of The Effects Hinata’s Love Has On Him?: Making Healthier & Safer Decisions

When he arrives at the realization that he’d like to remain with Hinata for all time, Naruto also realizes that it means he needs to live a long and healthy life to stay close to her. This causes him to make some uncharacteristic decisions regarding his life, especially when considering his health and well-being. This could mean eating better, including more fruits and vegetables into his daily diet, as well as limiting certain of his more impulsive tendencies to stay safe from injury.

How Does Naruto Respond To Thinking Hinata Be Dead? : With Rage In The Six-Tail Form

Hinata confronts Pain right after she confesses that she is in love with Naruto. Hinata is entirely out of her depth in the fight against Pain, and it doesn’t take long for him to take her down. Naruto thinks she’s dead at this point, and he breaks into anger. The result is that he explodes into his six-tail appearance. In addition, the force of his emotions makes him a perfect target for the Nine-Tails’ influence, and he is almost able to release the demon entirely.

How Did He Try To Get A Kiss From Sakura? : By Transforming Into Sasuke

Before he can recognize Hinata as someone, maybe someone he would like to love, Naruto is pretty interested in his teammate Sakura. This is partly because Sakura is a fan of Sasuke, which is another strategy to allow Naruto to take on Sasuke to win her love. To try and win the kiss of Sakura, Naruto uses the Jutsu technique to appear as Sasuke. He is not happy, but fortunately, in the case of Sakura, Naruto drank sour milk during breakfast and was forced to go into the bathroom.

How Did Naruto React To Hinata Potentially Marrying Toneri? : Bothered & Distraught

Naruto admits his love for Hinata and is astonished by her reaction. Consequently, she flushes, then walks away without saying anything. It is revealed Hinata is considering getting married to an individual named Toneri, and he does not seem to have Hinata’s approval for the marriage. Naruto is unconscious for three days, accompanied by Sakura, and then wakes up too upset to carry forward. Naruto believes that If Hinata is married to someone else, there’s no reason for him to continue living in the same way. This is an absurd view for people like Naruto, who is determined to accomplish his goals.

Wrapping Up:

Ahh!!! What a joy to watch Naruto and Hinata getting married! Amidst chaos and peace, Naruto and Hinata were able to go through everything together without judgment, and that’s why they are such a cute and wonderful couple ever.

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