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Who is Imu Sama?

Imu Sama, the current King of One Piece, is the most powerful ruler of the Gorosei. He may also have lived hundreds of years after the Joy Boy era.

Is Imu Luffy’s mom?

This is false. First, Dragon, the father of Luffy, is against the Marines, Gorosei, and he plans for war with them. Second, Imu Sama, the ruler of One Piece, is also related to Gorosei, Marines, and other characters.

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Is Shanks aware of Im Sama?

Yes, he did have conversations with the Gorosei to learn that Im exists.

Is there a relationship between Joy Boy and Imu Sama (Im Sama),

Yes, they met in the past. They have a long history.

Whitebeard’s statement that “when someone discovers One Piece, he will turn all of the world upside-down” is what does he mean? Why does Imu-Sama loathe the “D” family

Who is Imu Sama?

This logo is the symbol of the alliance between more than 170 countries from all four seas and the grand line this the world One Piece. The countries pledged to place their swords in front of an empty throne. No one sat there for over 1800 years. But the truth is something different.

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The Imu-Sama creature, whose eyes, movements, and thoughts are intelligent, holds the throne. He makes all the decisions and judgments for them, so why not get to know him? Who is Imu-Sama Let’s find out?

Although we see the throne empty, the truth is that Imu-Sama sits there staring at the picture. They are doing what? They kneel for whom? No one sits on the throne! Is it possible that Gorosei kneels before no one but Oda, who later shows us Imu–same because she’s invisible?

Let me tell you about Imu, the son of the King of devils.

Joy boy stopped the devils from ruling the world, but Joy boy defeated them. Glover stated that 20 countries had allied themselves against Raftel and then something called the World Government. This means that Ohara scientists know that Robin is in Ohara.

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The devils always wanted joy boy, but they couldn’t take him down. The King of Devils could have married a human girl, so Joy boy wanted to have a child.

So who is Imu Sama then? He is the son and heir of the kings of Devils. (As in Naruto, Zetsu exploits Madara while Madara exploits Obito, who exploits the “Akatsuki organisation,” controlled by Pain). You will be able to understand more if you have seen Naruto.

Same with Imu-sama, who exploits Celestial Dragons, which exploits Marine, and Vegapunk to take back imu sama’s father.

Joy Boy belongs to the D family. He can control devils, and D is the first letter of the word (Devil) if it’s not obvious.

The “D” Family controls devils, and devils fear all D families, including Luffy. The King of Devils, Joy boy also left Imu Sama as his successor, which was Luffy. I believe that Luffy will defeat Imu’same at the end of One Piece and free devils. We know Luffy, so he will remove their fruits from people, and Devils will live peacefully.

Whitebeard’s statement is the most convincing proof that I am saying what I mean. He told to teach that he was not the one who would defeat Imu sama, but that he was one of the D and that they were afraid of that guy (Luffy). What do you think? Why does Whitebeard defend Luffy? Why does Rayleigh, Shanks and Rayleigh protect Luffy? All of them, especially Whitebeard and Shanks, knew that before Rayleigh.

Also, in his speech: You are afraid of the man who will find One Piece and turn the world upside-down. This is the second time that we hear this word. The first was with Rayleigh and Roger.

What does it mean to turn the world upside-down? What did Imu-sama do when he grew up?

He wanted to kill the King. Then he released 20 Celestial Dragon kings and promised them that they would give each other eternity and all they desire. They were to kill Joy Boy and remain under his control until the end.

Joy boy knew before he died that devils and humans wanted him to be taken down. He wrote the Poneglyph, stamped devils with fruits, because he wanted them to serve humanity. However, he failed to stamp Imu Sama. Imu-Same was not a devil, he was “mixed”, between humans and devils.

Joy Boy died, and 19 kings with Imu–sama lived and established the world government. But the question remains: Where is the devil fruit that the King among devils stamped?

Doflamingo stated that “the power won’t last forever” and that the power that I believe is the fruit of the King of Devils is now in the hands of Imu Sama.

Luffy and Teach come from the “D” Family, but Shirahushi comes from the granddaughter of the first Poseidon Joy Boy promised would get out of the sea.

The devils and Humans will win the final war in One Piece. It won’t be between Luffy or Marine, as many people expect.

Imu-Sama will be freed by his father and the devils at the end of this story. However, Luffy will find One Piece to control the devils and will release his father.

It begs the question, why doesn’t Imu just find One Piece in Raftel instead? It is protected by a great power so that only the Joy Boy specifications can be taken. (Luffy)

Luffy, the king pirate, will not make the same mistake as Joy Boy and instead free the devils. This will make Imu Sama feel emotional, so she will weep because Luffy was better than Joy Boy, because he got rid of devils while he could do anything he wanted with devils.

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