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Who is Kiyomi Uchiha? – All You Need to Know About Her

According to the fanon (fan theory), Kiyomi Uchiha is the younger sister of Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha. She was the third child of Fugaku Uchiha. She was the apex and isolated from the family after birth. This is why she was unrecognizable to all.

In Uchiha, the Uchiha massacre, Itachi didn’t kill his younger sister, just as he didn’t murder Sasuke, His younger brother.

There are many questions regarding Kiyomi Uchiha. Like, who is Kiyomi Uchiha? Is Kiyomi Uchiha real? When was Kiyomi Uchiha first introduced? Is Kiyomi Uchiha in Boruto?

We will be able to tackle all of these questions individually.

Who is Kiyomi Uchiha?

As we’ve said before, Sasuke is her sister and the sole pureblood of Uchiha in addition to Sasuke. She wasn’t killed at the time of the Uchiha massacre because Itachi was unable to also kill her. Then she grew older and was a fine young shinobi from the secret leaf.

The young lady is a strong and experienced Ninja. Uchiha Ninjas are famous for their beautiful appearance. They are also known for their beautiful looks. Kiyomi isn’t an exception to this. She looks stunning with her long black eyes and long black hair.

As for her abilities, she is seen as a genius like her brother Itachi. She is intelligent and sharp enough to pass the exam at the academy easily.

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Is Kiyomi Uchiha Real?

Unfortunately, Kiyomi Uchiha is not a real person. Indeed, Naruto and the entire cast of Naruto aren’t real people, is it? It’s all jokes. I meant by not an actual character because she is not present in the canon or filler series.

Kiyomi Uchiha is a character created as a comic book illustration by a Deviant Art user. The fandom was extremely impressed by the fan art and began creating their own fanon-based stories.

Kiyomi Uchiha isn’t authentic from her original Naruto & Boruto storyline. All you know about her is based on fanfictions and theories.

When is Kiyomi Uchiha Introduced?

Kiyomi Uchiha has never been featured in the Naruto series or the Boruto series. Also, you cannot have her read or seen in any official book, game, film, or even an ova. She isn’t a character in the main storyline.

Because Kiyomi Uchiha is not out of Masashi Kishimoto, fans created the character. Therefore, it stays in the form of a fanon and is not ever introduced in manga or anime.

Is Kiyomi Uchiha in Boruto?

According to fan theories, Kiyomi Uchiha survived the 4th Great Ninja War and made it into her first appearance in the Boruto series. Because they are the identical twins of Sasuke and Sasuke, she’s of similar age to Sasuke.

However, anyone watching or reading Boruto manga or anime understands that’s not true. Kiyomi Uchiha has been revealed to be just a fanon figure. She isn’t a character in the Boruto story in any way. That’s why she is not in Boruto.

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Is Kiyomi Uchiha Canon?

It’s not true. Kiyomi Uchiha does not belong to the canon. Canon is the details and the storyline that the creator approves of. This means that anything the creator of the series approves of is true and is referred to as canon in anime.

She isn’t the filler character either. Filler refers to an extra episode that the production house-crafted and the mangaka can spend time drawing new manga and then begin to create animation after.

She only appears in fan-made fiction and theories. The fan-created characters and stories are known as fanon. Kyomi Uchiha can be described as a fanon-based character.

Is Kiyomi Uchiha Alive or Dead?

According to the popular theory, she’s alive. She wasn’t killed at the time of Uchiha. Uchiha Massacre. She later trained herself to become a fine young shinobi and was a part of the Fourth Great Ninja War. She fought through the war and enjoyed a happy life following the war.

But that’s within the fanon. In the real story, she isn’t and has never existed. She’s not part of the story, at least not in the beginning. A fanon character can’t exist within the story’s main plot.

Did Kiyomi Uchiha Appear in Naruto?

The answer is easy. Kiyomi was not a character on the screen in Naruto. Fans created her.

Many fanfictions and fan theories are popular with fans. Particularly concerning Minato, Jiraiya, and Sakumo Hatake, The characters we have no information about.

There are many fanons or fan theories regarding clans as well. For instance, regarding the Uchiha clan, The fan theory with the most popular has to be Kiyomi Uchiha: the younger twin sister of Sasuke.

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People are drawn to the idea of and discuss fan-made characters. However, no matter how much we talk about and discuss Kiyomi Uchiha, Kiyomi Uchiha is not real in the Naruto and the Boruto series.

The creators won’t be able to accept her as a canon. Therefore, there is no chance of her being made animated.

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