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Who Is Kristine Saryan | Everything About Scott Patterson’s Wife!

Some people get noticed for their relationships rather than their work or the world.

Kristine Saryan is among those people, despite being an actress with a lot of experience.

Even after her appearances in films like Gilmore Girls: A Year In Life and Kidnapped Hannah Anderson: Hannah Anderson story, she is best known for marrying Scott Patterson, another accomplished actor.

If you want to learn more about Kristine Her story, read on for her personal story.

Kristine Saryan Bio

Kristine Saryan was born in California in 1984. Though Saryan is her official initial, the girl was given the name Kristine Saryan when her birth.

Kristine is of mixed ancestry, spanning Native America and Europe. In the 2021 year, Kristine was 37 old.

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There’s not a lot of information that is available to the public regarding Kristine’s past. She seems to prefer keeping it private because of her own reasons.

Kristine Saryan And Scott Patterson

The two are believed to have met in 2002 after Kristine became a member of Gilmore Girls, an actress. Before that, Scott had been married to a different woman named Vera Davich.

Their marriage was only for two years before their divorce in 1985. Scott and Kristine are known for keeping their relationships low-key.

While they’ve been seen together occasionally, there’s not much information about them.

There are even conflicting details about the way Scott Patterson and Kristine met. Although some claim that they first met while they were on the Gilmore Girls others think they were friends before their roles in the show.

They say Kristine and Scott had a relationship in 2001. Their roles in the show came in 2004. Kristine was the character Chrissy as dance assistant to Miss Patty. They have been in contact for more than two decades.

What will Kristine do right now?

Following her appearance on Gilmore Girls and Kidnapped, little has been reported from her.

This year, Scott tweeted a happy message on his Twitter account and announced the birth of an infant boy named Nicholas. It was their first child, and the father could not keep his joy from his followers.

Scott loves sharing his joyful times with his young son Nicholas; however, his mother isn’t visible in the Instagram photos. It seems like Kristine has decided to be an at-home mom who takes care of her own business and is a secret from the world.

Scott Paterson and Kristine Saryan Net Worth

Scott Patetersn has undoubtedly had an impressive career. He was a regular in more than 20 TV series in his career. Some of the most well-known series is Justice League, 90210, Aliens in America, The Event, Seinfeld, and many others.

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He was also in the role of Agent Strahm in the famous horror film series Saw.

Scott Patterson has an estimated net worth of $15 million by 2021.

The wife of the actor, Kristine, On the other side, is estimated to have a fortune of one million dollars, primarily making her income as a model and actress and also having invested in the fashion business.

We’ve got nothing to say about Kristine Sarayan Scott Patterson’s spouse. We’ll keep updating this article in case something comes up. For now, this is the information Kristine has revealed to the general public!

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