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Who Killed Sarah Ending Explained!

Who killed Sara finally provides us with details about what’s happening and Sara’s fate. What Medusa has been doing, and how the story of Reinaldo’s involvement is tied to all this. Here is a Who Killed Sarah Ending Explained for all of you!

With that in mind, let’s get into this soapy drama that is a complete mystery and discover each twist along the route.

What is the Medusa Center? What’s the reason Reinaldo doing this?

Reinaldo established the Medusa Center as a type of secret hospital that could be used for treating patients. Sara was Reinaldo’s “Patient Zero, who was a patient from the beginning to get her involved in this. Reinaldo’s ultimate goal was to find a cure for schizophrenia and homosexuality.

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Reinaldo makes a huge speech in front of a room of investors (more on the tricks surrounding the speech later) and tries to get approval for the government to distribute the pills around the globe. When the camera pans towards Reinaldo, we can see the crowd applauding and a cameraman recording on the other side.

It’s obvious at this moment it’s clear that Reinaldo is the main player in the whole thing. He determined to target Sara at a very early stage and was the leader of the Medusa Center group to ensure she was secure and away from her brother.

In the meantime, Reinaldo helped to concoct the tale that Marifer is the person to kill Sara in the parachuting accident she carried with her until her death. But, after all, Sara survived that accident and didn’t end up dying in the hospital.

The last chapter discovered that Cesar abducted Tonya the right-hand man of Reinaldo. He serves Alex a meal as she is supposed to be aware of the location where Sara is. Tonya is a snarky Alex about Sara’s real needs and desires and finally gives details.

Does Marifer die?

The last chapter begins with Reinaldo talking to Sara via tape with this to think about. She speaks about the “regular” family and how she is a huge fan. In the Medusa Center, she speaks about her love for Alex and how much she cherishes her. Sara is eager to leave and move on to create her own family.

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All of this is a ruse as we are shown a second video that shows Sara in her room holding a huge knife in her sleeves. It’s important to note that Marifer goes unconscious and passes away within the Medusa Center, failing to heal from her injuries.

Does Alex discover an entrance to Medusa center?

Then we jump back to Alex, who is in the present. She’s been told everything by Tonya. She also reveals what Reinaldo is doing and where Sara is, and he sends him away to find out and leaves Tonya in a bind.

Elisa is not entirely content after being involved in a disagreement with Rodolfo regarding Cesar taking Tonya and the moral consequences. In the end, Alex learns everything and goes home, falling onto the Medusa Center, guns blazing and killing security guards on his way.

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In this building, Reinaldo starts his “treatment” with Chema. The victim is thrown in an ice bath and then exposed to pornographic content. Chema asks Reinaldo to stop and claims that he’s no longer experiencing these emotions. Reinaldo is a man of the night, but he believes his actions are right. He invites a woman to follow, telling him that he must be sexually intimate with her to prove that he’s truly a man. Without going overboard, jumping from an ice bath and then going out for sex does not sound very appealing!

Is Lucia found?

In the end, Elisa and Rodolfo arrive at the Medusa Center to ensure Alex isn’t causing more harm to individuals and eventually assist him in connecting the employees to the cable. Reinaldo activates the alarm and comes confronted by Alex, who is escorted down to the basement.

They negotiate with a tape in their hands and a tape in their hands, and Reinaldo throws the tape over to confirm what he’s done to be exchanged for Alex dropping his weapon. But, Alex is smart and can hit Reinaldo to the side using the gun he’s stored away and leave the doctor unconscious.

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Chema goes away, wanting to locate Lucia However, Alex insists on taking Elisa out. Daniele breaks free from her cell phone when they’re all fighting and walks away together with the others. Reinaldo stands up and walks away and prompts a huge family gathering in the main atrium, particularly when Lucia is found in good health and safety. But an employee of security is found to be carrying a knife and begins to cut his cable ties to gain access.

Does Rodolfo Survive the gunshot?

The security guard pulls out his gun and shoots. Rodolfo runs at him and is shot in the process. Cesar arrives with a gun and hits the guard head-on. While doing so, the guard dies in the process. Rodolfo begins bleeding.

While this is happening, Alex stalks Reinaldo through the corridors, leading to a major standoff. We can see what Tonya said to Alex, and it seems to be true. Sara took her own life in the Medusa Center after she could no longer take the treatment by putting that knife, which we saw her carry in her sleeve, into her intestines in the corridor. She was soaked in blood and died; however, Reinaldo attempts to justify the death of grieving Alex by claiming that she had contributed to his research. Then Alex is killed by Reinaldo.

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What is the reason Cesar makes a fuss about all things?

After everything, Cesar is arrested for killing the security guard. He also confesses to murdering Reinaldo as a cover for Alex. Cesar is held accountable for the murder of and then burying of Abel Martinez 18 years back. It doesn’t provide a reason for Alex appearing at the Medusa Center in the middle of the night, shooting the place to pieces and killing two outsiders and some security personnel still alive and witnessing this all and so on, but we’ll continue.

Cesar was found guilty and sentenced to 40 years of prison. Rodolfo is pronounced dead from his injuries, and Alex finally receives his answers. The rest of the family watches as he is taken away, including Cesar instructing Alex that he must “make my daughter happy.”

What’s the reason he’s doing this? It turns out the pancreatic cancer is present and is likely to die soon. He used his wealth to purchase a longer time, but it was nothing. There are things that you can’t buy with money. We observe that Cesar struggles with all of this and has been for quite a long time. As we approach the prison cell, he cries hysterically, and he is a bizarre mixture of joy, sadness, and emotions of joy and sadness.

What happens when the Who Shot Sara Season 3 finishes?

The final photo from the year shows the place where Tonya took Alex. The graveyard has numerous crosses dangling from the surface. This is where Reinaldo laid to rest all of his victims of the horrific crime that his team was responsible for. Alex decides to bring this to authorities, and they arrive and begin to dig the bodies one at a time.

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With Lucia with them now, Sara’s legacy will continue to be carried on by those who remain in the family. When they depart from the site of burial, where many victims have died by Reinaldo, We travel across the gorgeous countryside before ending this story.

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