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Who Plays Gunpowder In The Boys?

Gunpowder is among the characters The Boys decide to investigate to find some details on Soldier Boy. Season 3 is available via Prime Video.

Homelander is becoming more agitated and the solution to ending his story lies at the end of Soldier Boy. The Boys take a look at his co-workers in the film ‘Payback’ particularly his former companion, Gunpowder.

Don’t you wish to know who plays gunpowder in The Boys? Well, here are all the details about the series. Have a look!

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Table of Contents

In denial

Queen Maeve is the one who brings the story character Soldier Boy to Butcher and He decides to ask questions about Gunpowder. He meets him at a convention for firearms in which he’s distributing right-wing anti-conservative propaganda. An old picture of Soldier Boy, Crimson Countess, and Gunpowder.

He engages in a conversation with Butcher in private and raises the issue that Gunpowder was assaulted at the hands of Soldier Boy as a kid and made an official complaint, but the incident was not reported. Gunpowder denies it as fake news and informs Butcher that He is not interested in helping him.

In the parking area, Gunpowder is able to take Butcher in the act of surprise and wounds him in the leg. Butcher ultimately escapes.

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Butcher comes to visit him later and is hooked up to a Tempo V which has granted him power. The gunpowder fires at him three times, but Butcher manages to shake the gun off and then proceeds to fight back using great determination.

He beats him and discovers the mission in Nicaragua in which Grace Mallory was the case officer. The man is then overcome by anger and kicks his face, before activating his heat vision, cutting his head into two.

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In comics

Gunpowder is a minor antagonist in comics, but he has some interesting capabilities. The character is supposed to be a satire of Deadshot as well as Judge Dredd.The characters of Teenage Kix in the graphic novels

He is part of the gang of superheroes who are corrupt Teenage Kix. When the team is in a battle in a battle against The Boys, Mother’s Milk is defeated and takes away his helmet.

He then shows up at Blarney Cock’s funeral but disappears completely.

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