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Who Won Survivor 42 Spoilers | Maryanne Or Romeo?

The final episode of Survivor Season 42 saw five castaways remaining. After 23 days of difficult conditions, expert gameplay, and surprising twists, the five castaways made it to the final three. Some castaways would not be able to outwit, outplay and outlast others. Continue reading Who Won Survivor 42 Spoilers below!

The jury explodes! (Of course, we knew what was coming.) Probst reads the results and Maryanne becomes the winner of Survivor 42! Let’s read everything in detail below!

Spoiler alert! Which castaways were voted out of the Final Tribal Council in Survivor Season 42

The final episode of Survivor Season 42 starts with the five remaining castaways arriving on a new beach. This spoils their happiness from the Omar blindside. The castaways must start fresh with no shelter or tarp.

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Romeo informs his tribe members that he has an immunity icon and will be playing it at the next Tribal Council. He doesn’t have an idol, but the audience is aware. Romeo made a fake idol to show the others. Mike also tells Lindsay that he will give his idol to her if he wins The Immunity Challenge. He said the same thing to Maryanne.

The tree mail includes a riddle that would help them find the advantage in the Immunity Challenge. It is similar to season 41. Maryanne intentionally slows down the men to give Lindsay the advantage. Lindsay is allowed to untie only one knot while the rest of the participants must untie six. Mike, however, wins Individual Immunity.

Mike is Maryanne’s idol at Tribal Council. The castaways send Lindsay packing in a 4-1 vote.

The classic Simmotion Immunity Challenge is the final challenge. Romeo wins the challenge and takes Maryanne to the final three. Mike and Jonathan will then go to the final four fire-making challenges. Spoiler alert! Mike defeats Jonathan in a fierce showdown to secure his spot in the Survivor Season 42 Top Three. Jonathan also joins the jury.

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Maryanne, Mike, and Romeo argue their cases to the jury.

Maryanne, Mike, and Romeo will enter the Final Tribal Council of Survivor season 42. This council will confirm or deny the winner spoilers. They explain why they are worthy of winning Survivor.

Mike must defend his many betrayals, which led to his alliance members joining him on the jury. He says that his social game was to get people to like him and give him information. Mike also talks about how he organized the blindside against Hai. Mike admits to being a man of his word towards the end of the tribe.

Maryanne says that her strategy was to stress her youth and insolence and bring out her intelligence later in the game. Her big move of getting Romeo to take Omar out is also highlighted. Maryanne also talks about her physical game. She mentions making palm fronds in camp. She also revealed that she discovered the merge idol, and Maryanne didn’t have to use it.

Romeo admitted that he had never been camping before Survivor, but he made it to the last three. He also points out the Immunity Challenge victory he won. Romeo explains how he created the fake idol to secure his fate in the final four.

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Spoiler alert! Maryanne Oketch has been named the Sole Survivor in Survivor Season 42

Before the Survivor season 42 finale aired on Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Probst spoke with Entertainment Weekly. The host then read the Final Tribal Council winner votes. The jury voted 7-1 to crown Maryanne as the Sole Survivor.

Lindsay, Tori Hai, Rocksroy, and Tori voted for Maryanne. Jonathan was Mike’s sole vote.

It was over. Survivor Season 42 is over. Survivor Season 43 will air sometime in fall 2022. Fans can expect to hear more spoilers very soon.

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