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Why Did Itachi Kill His Clan And Parents? – Uchiha Massacre Explained

Itachi killed his family to defend the village. His clan was planning a coup to take possession of the village that could result in unrest. He agreed with Danzo to murder his entire clan to end the Coup of the etat. Itachi murdered his entire clan, except the younger brothers. Then he left the village.

We watch Itachi run off on a rogue rampage after killing his family at the beginning of the series. He killed all Uchiha, including his parents. He escaped Sasuke’s younger brother’s life even though He tortured him during his Tsukuyomi. Why did Itachi murder his family? Who gave him the order to do it?

We will go over that in greater detail below.

Why Did Itachi Kill His Clan And Parents?

The Uchiha clan planned to take over villages and gain them. It was hoped that this would lead to the possibility of a civil war or riot. Itachi and Shisui allowed the Hokage and the village elders to be aware of the situation. The 3rd Hokage commanded him to look into the situation and determine whether there was a solution to stop the violence.

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Shisui created his plan to stop the situation. He decided to employ the power of his vision Jutsu Kotoamatsukami to control his clan’s leader Fugaku. This way, he’d be able to subdue the Uchiha leader, and, in doing so, he would be able to end the riot.

However, because Shisui could not trust Danzo, his ultimate Genjutsu got pretty serious. To reduce the number of casualties and stop the civil conflict, Itachi made a deal with Danzo and took his entire clan to the grave. Then, he blamed and made up a fake excuse to ensure that the villager and the Uchiha clan would remain safe from all eyes.

When he left the village, Itachi came across Danzo and informed him that Danzo had completed his task. He killed everyone except for his younger brother as per Danzo’s orders. He blackmailed him and informed him that if Danzo wanted to hurt Sasuke, Itachi would give crucial information about the village to villages of the enemy.

As you see, all that Itachi did He did was to protect The Hidden Leaf Village.

Why Did Itachi Kill His Parents?

Itachi took his father’s life, as did all other Uchiha members of the clan. 

With his hands tied to end the Coup and an outbreak of civil war, Itachi was forced to choose other than to fight his father, the Uchiha clan’s leader Fugaku. However, his father did not intend to engage him in a match. Therefore, he complied with Itachi’s wishes and let him take them out.

The father of his children was killed using the Anbu sword and threw Sasuke under Tsukuyomi and went away, putting all the blame for his actions on his shoulders.

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His parents did not show any resistance or even anything. Instead, they stated they understood his situation and advised him to stick with his decision. Compared to their suffering Itachi’s pain was more severe as he must carry that burden throughout his lifetime.

The father of Itachi, Fugaku, was a man with only one desire. He wanted to look after Sasuke. When he said, he would take care of his younger brother. Itachi later killed his parents and broke into tears.

How Old Was Itachi When He Killed His Clan?

Itachi murdered his whole family and parents when he was thirteen. Itachi was an Anbu commander at a very young age. He was always on the lookout for the situation on the direct orders of the Hokage, and when the age of thirteen was reached, the situation quickly escalated.

How Many Uchiha Made Itachi Kill?

Many people believe that Itachi killed only two people in the night, his parents. But that’s not the reality. In The Itachi Shindene novel, Itachi killed his girlfriend/loved one. Also, in several flashbacks, they reveal that Itachi was killing other Uchiha members.

The idea of him killing his parents only isn’t true. The exact number of people the killer killed is not known.

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What If Itachi Didn’t Kill His Clan?

The Uchiha clan had planned to take over the village’s system and control it. A civil war could have occurred, and many could have been killed because Uchiha was the strongest clan of the village. With a famed ocular jutsu, they would have taken over the village. Uchiha clan could have gained over the entire village.

In addition, due to the many victims of that civil war, The Hidden Leaf Village would become extremely weak in its military power. Other villages could have profited from this and would have fought against the Hidden Leaf Village.

In other words, if Itachi did not kill his clan, it could lead to an even greater conflict and massacre than it has been. The entire village would be in chaos. Many ninjas known to us would likely lose their lives and not make it into the show.

Why Did Itachi Kill His Girlfriend, Izumi?

Itachi killed his partner because the woman was Uchiha as well. In addition, Itachi was given the order to kill be killed by the entire Uchiha clan. That’s why Itachi killed his wife, Izumi Uchiha.

In the original manga Masashi Kishimoto did not sketch Itachi’s girlfriend, nor did he explain what he did to him after he killed any other details. In the novel light Itachi Shinden Book of Dark Night, Itachi placed his lover under his Genjutsu Tsukuyomi in 0.000000001th of one second. He gave her a whole life in that genjutsu, like an enchanted dream, and ended her life after.

Why Did Danzo Want To Kill The Uchiha Clan?

Danzo Shimura was determined to eliminate the Uchiha clan due to their plans for an attack on the secret leaf village. Whatever his sins did, Danzo always wanted the possible outcome for Leaf village. To protect the village, Danzo wanted to see Uchiha be killed.

There was another reason for him to eliminate them. He always had a desire for the Sharingan to himself. And when Itachi killed all Clan members, the savage turned to Sharingan eyes, and later, he used them to fight.

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How Did Itachi Kill His Clan?

Itachi initially murdered his girlfriend as per Itachi Shinden’s novel. But then, all doubt was gone. He continued to carry out the things he was instructed to perform. After that, Itachi came across the father of his son Fugaku Uchiha. He was a lot more powerful than he was. But the father did not want to see his son fight in a final battle. He told Itachi to go to the house.

Then, at the other final stage, Obito finished the killing.

Did Obito Help Itachi Kill His Clan?

Yes, Obito assisted Itachi in eliminating his clan. However brilliant Itachi could be, he wasn’t able to eliminate all the Uchiha by himself. This is why he sought Obito’s assistance, and with his assistance, He was able to kill the entire clan.

Before that, Itachi reached a bargain with Obito. According to the agreement, Obito agreed to help Itachi kill his clan, and in return, Itachi would be a part of his clan.

Uchiha Massacre Episode

They were shown the Uchiha massacre numerous times throughout the show. The Uchiha massacre can be seen during Naruto Shippuden 135, 359, and episodes 455. The flashbacks present different aspects of the incident in different moments.

Why Didn’t Itachi Kill Sasuke?

Itachi killed all of his clan members, except the younger sibling Sasuke. He did not murder Sasuke because Sasuke was his brother’s love more than anything else. That’s why Itachi threatened Danzo to ensure that Sasuke was secure. He informed Danzo that if anything were to occur in the life of Sasuke, Itachi would pass crucial information to the village of the enemy.

Watch this video to find out how Itachi killed the clan of the Uchiha clan.

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Uchiha clan was planning a mandate to take over The Hidden Leaf village. To stop it, Danzo ordered Itachi to murder the entire family. Itachi took his family to the grave to protect the village, including his parents.

After defeating his family with the help of Obito, Itachi then went rogue and joined Akatsuki. In the following years, he was able to relay information via Akatsuki in the direction of Hidden Leaf Village. If he had not killed his family, the village would be in chaos today. To maintain tranquility, Itachi stained his hands with blood.

After reading the article, I hope you now understand “why did Itachi murder his family.”

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