Why Did Obito Turn Evil? Was Rin’s Death the Only Reason?

Obito was a young, bright Ninja who desired to be the Hokage. Although he was a close mirror to Naruto, our main Naruto, the main character Naruto, became a villain in the Third Great Ninja War. As Kakashi was fighting a plethora of Hidden Mist ninjas alone, Obito ran toward his friends to assist. But Why Did Obito Turn Evil?

When he arrived at the battleground, it had been for him to be there. Before the camera, he watched the girl he loved dearly die at the hands of his closest friend. The moment he realized that Obito could not fulfill his hope, dream, and even everything. Then he determined to bring his love Rin to a fantasy that he called Infinite Tsukuyomi. What he didn’t know was that Madara orchestrated everything. This means that Madara created Obito to become a villain.

Obito Uchiha is among the most popular characters in Naruto. Naruto the series, even though he is an infamous mastermind. One reason was that he was manipulated and used by Madara.

He was, in essence, a gentle and gentle young man. However, the Great War and Madara’s plan led him to turn his back on the village and all. What exactly transpired then? Why did Obito change his ways? We’ll discuss these in greater detail.

Why Did Obito Turn Evil?

In the 3rd Great Ninja War, Obito and his teammate were killed during the battle. While they were still early, this war brought even young ninjas into the battle.

Obito, Kakashi, and Rin were part of Minato’s team.

Minato told them that they’d be split into two teams on their last mission. Kakashi, Rin, and Obito were part of one group, while Minato by himself was on the other team. While Minato was preparing to face his enemies on the battlefield and the team, Kakashi was working to eliminate this supply bridge.

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Obito and Kakashi Vs. Hidden Rock Ninja

When Obito, along with Kakashi, was fighting against the Ninjas of the enemy, Rin got kidnapped. Kakashi was initially tempted to leave their friend and continue with the task they had to finish. Also, Obito was determined to save Rin.

On the contrary, Kakashi wanted to continue the mission. When Obito was attempting to save his friend Rin and was on the verge of losing the fight, Kakashi came to help.

They each beat The Hidden Rock Ninjas and saved their friend Rin Nohara. However, one of their opponents had some other plans. He employed a rock-like Jutsu to kill them by burying them under a rock and keeping them alive.

If Kakashi had been blinded by one eye earlier, he was left with an area of blindness within his sight. To remedy this, Kakashi fell and stumbled on a boulder. Obito took him, threw Kakashi outside, and was in a heap of stones.

Obito Gave His Sharingan To Kakashi

Kakashi and Rin Kakashi and Rin left Obito after he handed over the Sharingan to Kakashi and Rin, while an army of enemies came in and surrounded them. The falling rocks submerged the remainder of the cave as Kakashi and Rin faced off against the enemies.

As Obito was being crushed and was unable to escape and with no one to help him from the circumstance, everybody thought Obito had died there. But what nobody realized was that Madara could get him saved by Zetsu.

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Zetsu Rescued Obito

After Zetsu saved him, he sewed the seal on his heart to take control of Obito. Madara also orchestrated everything, including Rin being kidnapped and later changing into three Jinchuuriki tails.

All that was done to make Obito into a villain. It happened exactly as he had intended to. Obito was caught on camera when he witnessed Rin being stabbed by the Raikiri’s knife in the heart. The rest was the child’s play.

We can state clearly that Obito became evil due to Madara. Madara planned everything that occurred for their group. His sole intention was to make Obito his replacement to carry out his plans.

Why Did Obito Betray Leave?

Obito has betrayed the Hidden Leaf village due to

1.) Obito wanted to build the Infinite Tsukuyomi in which he would be able to reconnect with his love Rin once more;

2) The cult of Madara’s charm within his heart. If he were to return home to Hidden Leaf, he would not be able to carry on the Infinite Tsukuyomi strategy. However, at the very end, he leaves the rest of his family, friends’ villages, towns, and the entire world to reach his final goal.

As Obito once stated, those who violate regulations are called scum, but those who leave their comrades are scum.

If Minato could have seen Obito as he was fighting Obito in the nine tails attack, the latter could have convinced him and led him back to his home in the Leaf village.

Why Does Obito Turn Good Again?

Shortly, Obito gets back on track thanks to Naruto’s Talk no Jutsu. Naruto got him to trust in him and the ideals held dearly to him. This is the reason Obito returns to being a good guy.

In essence, Obito turned good and assisted Naruto at the end of the day due to two reasons:

  • Naruto convinced him to do so.
  • Obito was given the tag to his heart taken out by Kakashi.

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Even the purest and most brilliant soul is not without limits. That is an endpoint. Everybody has a limit until which point they can stand. For Obito Rin, the death of Rin was his. Also, Madara discovered his weakness which he used to subdue Obito completely.

The issue of how Obito becomes evil is easy to answer. It’s because Madara was plotting and then trapped Obito. As he watched his lover get killed by Obito, his best friend. Obito became evil.

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