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Why Does Kakashi Cover His Eye? (Explained Everything)

Kakashi Hatake is among the most well-known characters. Kakashi is a shinobi leaf, referred to as “Kakashi of Sharingan’. He was a former Anbu captain, the son of the fang with white hair, and the sensei of Naruto’s main character. But the concern is Why Does Kakashi Cover His Eye?

A handsome and masked man who covers his eyes with a ninja-style headband. What is the reason behind this look? Why is it that Kakashi conceals his eyes?

Kakashi is Kakashi has a Sharingan located on his left. Kakashi cannot switch off his Sharingan since he’s neither an Uchiha nor an Uchiha. This is why Kakashi hides his eyes to ensure that he does not use Sharingan constantly. Sharingan is expensive to use and consumes lots of Chakra. Even if you’re not doing it, it will deplete your Chakra simply because you are active.

What is Sharingan?

Sharingan will be Sharingan is the Kekkei Genkai of the uchiha clan. Through Byakugan Sharingan and Rinnegan together, three are known as the “Three Great Dojutsu.” It first came to light by Indra Otsutsuki. It is triggered through pure love or pure hatred.

Sharingan can reflect one’s inner feelings. Pure love and hatred toward a loved one create a constant flow of chakras in the optic nerve of Uchiha. This is the way Sharingan forms. However, they can control the flow of Chakra, which causes their eyes to turn into normal eyes.

Sharingan can be transferred to anyone who isn’t Uchiha. However, they cannot stop this flow of Chakra whenever they wish. They are in greater demand than Uchiha’s, and they can easily exhaust themselves.

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Why Does Kakashi Cover His Eye?

Kakashi earned the Sharingan through his friend from childhood Obito Uchiha. Kakashi injured his right eye with a stone ninja during their early years in their mission. Later a stone ninja kidnapped Rin.

As Obito and Kakashi tried to save Rin, the girl, a massive boulder fell onto the left side of his body due to the stone Ninja’s Jutsu. Obito was not able to move and realized that his death was coming.

While Obito was dying, he advised Rin to transplant the body of his Sharingan in Kakashi. This was mostly Kakashi’s birthday present from Obito.

A normal Uchiha ninja blessed with Sharingan eyes may switch off Sharingan when he doesn’t have to use the eyes. For those who don’t have Uchiha eyes, Sharingan cannot be turned off.

Like Danzo, Kakashi, too, cannot shut off his Sharingan. This is the reason Kakashi can cover his eyes.

Why Can’t Kakashi Deactivate His Sharingan?

Kakashi isn’t an Uchiha. Kakashi did not inherit his Sharingan from his parents. His teammate and friend, Obito Uchiha, gave his Sharingan to Kakashi as a thank you gift. As a non-Uchiha, Kakashi is not able to remove his Sharingan.

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Does Kakashi Have Full Control Over His Sharingan?

Kakashi doesn’t have the status of Uchiha, which is why Kakashi doesn’t have complete control over the chakra flow to his Sharingan. We’ve seen him exhaust himself numerous times using Sharingan in the show. As if he was bleeding from his eye, becoming tired quickly.

Since a Non-Uchiha must have more Chakra to utilize Sharingan, Kakashi also runs out of Chakra quickly. Kakashi isn’t able to return his eyes normally as he wants.

To prevent this from happening, Kakashi covers his right eye to prevent this from happening. To ensure that his Sharingan isn’t always in the same position. The only time he opens his eyes is when fighting. After using Sharingan to fight for long periods, Kakashi is always tired. Requiring bed rest for several days.

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Why Does Kakashi Wear a Mask?

Kakashi does not want anyone to get a nosebleed. The bloody nose isn’t caused by illness or disease. In anime culture, to express the character’s inner thoughts, the use of a nosebleed.

It’s just an idea that’s been circulated on the internet. Kishimoto, the artist, said that his dream was to create a character with mysterious features. This is why he has always drawn Kakashi wearing the use of a mask.

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Kakashi does not have the Uchiha bloodline. He isn’t able to actively activate or disable his Sharingan. Therefore the Sharingan never stops turning on. This will require more Chakra.

For Kakashi, the huge amount of Chakra is impossible, nor for anyone other non-Uchiha. To safeguard his Chakra, Kakashi usually wears a Sharingan by wearing His Ninja Head badge. We’ve also observed Danzo do similar things. He conceals his Eyes of Sharingan in his palm and wraps them in clothing.

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