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Why Having an Antivirus is Important for your PC

Antivirus plays a crucial part in the security of any electronic device that has operating software installed inside it. Just like how the human body has an immune system in place consisting of white blood cells, hormones, and specialized organelles to help safeguard it from dangerous particles, the same way an antivirus provides a necessary barrier between all sorts of viruses, bloatware, and malware for your electronic device. Many computers come preinstalled with necessary antivirus software but there are some that don’t and we’re here to recommend and explain, regardless, why an antivirus should be added to your PC’s system. 

First Line of Defense

There’s a plethora of various software available online. In our haste to download all sorts of things available online, pertaining to our needs, we may also let some malicious software slip through. At first, everything would seem ok. You may go on about your day with a perfectly fine laptop or desktop. We are saying this because these pesky softwares are often designed to activate when the PC boots up next time. 

When you start your computer next time, it may incur some amount of lag or it may have issues with its screen or the like. That’s where the malicious software takes hold of your computer. Various cases and software have their own threat levels but the most common ones make sure to grab your computer by the throat by making it lag like crazy. 

It’s imperative that in cases like these you have an antivirus at the ready to hunt the intruders down and deal with them efficiently and quickly. Since people keep on coming with new ways to inflict our computers with the worst, it’s imperative that you always try to keep up to date with the very best to combat these challenges. AT&T internet plans allow both speed and good packages to equip your mobile device. Using these benefits, one can keep on staying up to date. Additionally, it’s always a good choice to keep your antivirus software equipped with good internet so it can download necessary updates and remove malicious software at an accelerated rate. 

Malware and Its Impact

Malware is in actuality malicious software that makes its way onto your computer through download or some sort of transfer that often involves handy dandy USBs. Malware has a reputation for harming data stored in your device and if not treated properly, it can even make your computer software unable to be used. Dodgy websites are also a culprit in this happening. 

Websites often sugarcoat their offerings. Coaxing their visitors to download ‘helpful’ software that may aid them in one way or another. What actually happens is that your PC downloads malicious software that then spreads to different zones of your operating system. This creates a cascade of never-ending issues, lags, and constant reboots that damage the security and integrity of your system. Additionally, the malware also plays a reverse UNO card by encrypting your data so you can’t access it. 

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Antivirus and Its Combat Tactics

This helpful software work in three steps; detection, quarantine, and removal. Now, most of the antivirus that comes with a newly purchased laptop provides trial versions of their truer selves so users can have a taste of what may be in store for them should they choose to purchase the whole package. The likes of Norton and McAfee often do this and they’re quite effective at what they do albeit, with a timer. 

If you do go ahead and get the entire antivirus then they become massive game changers and work tirelessly to detect any and all traces of unidentified software transpiring through your system. And if you’re worried about how the antivirus will detect itself from these threats then there’s no need to fret because they come encrypted and battle it out with other software that tries to delete or suppress their functioning. Pretty neat, right?

Antivirus Products

There are lots of antivirus products available at the ready but we need to understand that authentic, viable softwares are only a select few. These include the likes of: 

1. McAfee Antivirus

This software is the one most found among newly purchased laptops. McAfee allows a generous time of one to two months of free usage including all the latest and updated features of its app before it blocks user access and asks to pay for the full price tag. If you do choose to purchase this though, you get a good variety of helpful features such as regular system checkups, malicious software removal tools, updates, and member exclusive merchandise.

2. Norton Antivirus

Norton is the relatively newer antivirus and also comes with a cleaner interface than its predecessor; McAfee. Norton is one of the most well-known antivirus programs on the market. It is a complete security package that protects against all types of threats such as viruses, malware, and spyware. 

While it provides outstanding virus protection and 100% malware detection, it might be costly and requires payment for other critical functions. The RAM utilization may also be a cause for concern.

Other security measures offered by the corporation include parental controls and identity theft prevention. Norton is one of the numerous antivirus software options available, and it has a long history of delivering outstanding service.


Antivirus has established itself as a necessity. The internet has become unchartered territory for the most part and there is malicious software roaming around every corner. We’d take the extra step and use precaution for our computers. 

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