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Why Is Sakura So Useless & Annoying? Honest Discussion

Sakura Haruno is one of the principal characters of Naruto. Naruto series. Being one of the major characters you’ll want, she significantly influences the show. However, in the Naruto (2002) series, the character did not significantly impact the plot in any way. The screen time she was given was not enough to be a major impact or be beneficial. So, here we are going to discuss Why Is Sakura So Useless?

In her instance, she did nothing other than screaming, hitting, and ridiculing Naruto in his role as an Orphan and becoming annoying (according to Sasuke).

You’ll either enjoy Sakura or hate her to death if you’re a Naruto lover. The only middle option here. If you don’t like Sakura, I’ll ask: have you ever thought about what makes Sakura useless? Then you’ve come to the right spot. If you’re a fan of Sakura, and you will, then you’ll get a fresh viewpoint here.

Why Is Sakura So Useless?

Sasuke and Naruto each had the biggest dramatic impact on the shows. Being a member of their team, you’d only want Sakura will have a somewhat the same or similar impact when you give her the spotlight.

This is exactly what a normal anime viewer would think. But the creator Masashi Kishimoto had a different opinion.

In the initial Naruto (2002) series, Sakura was completely ineffective. Not only was she useless, but she was also irritating. All she cared about was Sasuke. She didn’t care about anything else, and she didn’t do anything else aside from the desire for Sasuke to pay attention to her.

That’s why she didn’t have the determination to achieve or be anything like a ninja. Therefore, she did not endeavor to accomplish anything. She didn’t have any special power in the Naruto (2002) series.

But, in Shippuden, the character has changed quite a bit. In Shippuden, she was no longer a complete character. She was the 2nd most effective medical ninja from Shippuden’s Hidden Leaf Village.

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Why Is Sakura So Annoying?

Let me provide you with some reasons to be thankful.

Since the program’s start, she appeared to be an untrue sexy fling. She said something in her head and then did something different in the open. For instance, when Kakashi came into the classroom and fell into their trap with Naruto, She acted as if she pleaded with Naruto to stay out of it, but in reality, she was very amused at the incident.

Sakura always hits Naruto without reason. Every time something went wrong that he was angry, he would throw an attack on Naruto’s head. The truth is, Tsunade used to do this along with Jiraiya as they were kids.

If you look at it this way, Tsunade never hit Jiraiya whenever she wanted to; only after Jiraiya made a sly comment that she did hit her. And Sakura? Huh!

Did you not remember that Orphan scene? In the scene where she mocked Naruto for having an orphanage. She was unaware of the fact that Sasuke had an orphan. This was perhaps the most important argument and why people hate her.

Sakura was apathetic and had no goal in her life. Compared to the other main characters, Sakura was pretty boring as an individual. She was a whiner, and all she wanted was Sasuke. She was not concerned about anything else.

She broke up her friendship with Ino due to the boy she adored, Sasuke. Ino was her close friend and was her protector initially while they were at the academy.

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Why Is Sakura So Weak?

Sakura isn’t a particular Kekke Genkai, or any other Jutsu passed down through her family. She wasn’t a natural genius, either.

She was a weak female Ninja. All she did was whine. She had little time to practice. This is the reason Sakura is so weak.

Sakura Improved a Lot in Shippuden

In Naruto Shippuden, after years of training sessions, Sakura was able to become more powerful. She was no longer a two-faced character.

They defeated the Sasoris and saved the life of Congkuro. She also saved Naruto during the war. Then she was able to unlock 100 healing Jutsu. Sakura also punched at the Kaguya just before she was sealed.

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Sakura was given enough attention to the show. But, she did nothing to support or propel the plot in the lead. That’s the reason Sakura was so ineffective.

Although she did improve later on and became more powerful, both mentally and physically.

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