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Wordle Answer Today June 11 2022 | #357th Solution

Wordle is the worldwide played word game. If you are looking for Wordle answer today for June 11th, 2022, then here are the hints and solutions for you!

Hints for the Wordle 357 Hints Today – June 11, 2022

As the word can be quite difficult, we have some hints for Wordle 357 to help you to solve it, which are:

Hint 1: Contains the letter S.
Hint 2: It starts with the letter G.
Hint 3: There are three vowels in the word today (one letter has been repeated).
Hint 4: A large waterbird with a long neck, short legs, webbed feet, and a short broad bill. Generally, geese are larger than ducks and have longer necks and shorter bills.

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What is the Wordle 357 Answer Today? (June 11th, 2022)

Here is how I managed to solve the Wordle 357 word in five guesses today. I first guessed the word ‘AUDIO’, which is my usual starter word and it only showed me that there is an O in the word but it has not been correctly placed.

I then guessed the word ‘POWER’ as it puts the O in a different position as well as using an E. This was a good word to guess as it placed the O correctly as well as showed me that there is an E in the answer, but it is not the fourth letter.

I figured that the word must end an in E, so I guessed the word ‘SOLVE’ as this uses letters I have not previously guessed. This word placed the E in the correct position and revealed an S in the word.

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I then guessed the word ‘MOSTE’ and this still did not place the S correctly, nor did it reveal any more letters. I know that the answer has to have an S as the fourth letter though.

I wanted to guess a word that has a double O in it and I managed to solve the answer to Wordle 357 in my next guess, which is…


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