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10 Worst Rewards In Video Games

A lot of games feature hidden endings, collectibles, or power weapons that can be unlocked to reward players for finishing an entire campaign or showing mastery of the game’s mechanics. 

Certain games, such as Nacht Der Untoten, exceed all expectations and provide players with an entirely new reason to play. Others…well they’re not all winners, are they? They’re the most gratifying rewards in the history of video games.

10) Pokemon – Pokedex Completion Diploma

The primary goal for Game Freak’s Pokemon games and series overall will be “Gotta catch ’em all!” While we acknowledge that any reward is unimportant in the light of such an ambitious and unattainable objective Game Freak definitely could have achieved more than this. A reward screen that has two sentences of mandatory text. 

A diploma is a certificate however, something about this one is that it feels unimportant and unimportant, as a lot of trainers have gone prior to you. And countless others will receive this unfeeling acclaim for a long time after your passing. The flimsiness of the completion screen does not help at all. If you wanted to record this moment forever, you could print the diploma using your Gameboy printer and take it everywhere you go… That is until you misinterpret the thin paper for a receipt, and dump it in the garbage in the place it is supposed to be.

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9) Skyrim – Prowler’s Profit

The Skyrim’s world of Skyrim is awash with mysterious dungeons that are secluded and dark But no other objects are more arbitrarily and brutally dispersed than the Stones of Barenzaih. Finding all 24 requires going to almost every corner and pledging loyalty to multiple guilds, and overcoming many top-level enemies. 

This makes the rewards for all this effort confusing. After the gems have been put in the crowns of Barenziah you’ll be rewarded with the Prowler’s Gain, which is a passive effect that will increase the chances of finding more gems in chests and other loot caches. The issue with this useful feature is that it’s not achievable through normal means until well into the game when money becomes less of a problem and the majority of chests that be benefited by the Prowler’s Profit are already open.

8) Gex – 20 Minute Berating

Mix a lazy beast with an expertly executed platformer and a quirky sense of humor, and you’ve come up with Gex, the 1995’s flagship game for the largely unnoticed Panasonic 3DO. Gex’s diverse games are concluded with a bonus game that if completed correctly will grant you the chance to experience the sport for a second time, in what’s known as Planet X. 

Be the first to defeat the player in Planet X and you’ll be presented with a twenty-minute assault of verbal abuse accompanied by the depressing glowing of TV static. Expect gems such as “Do you have a real-life or do you play all day? Think about the things you would have done instead…You might have discovered the treatment for cancer…You could have created an album of grunge that was a huge success. …” Thank you Gex.

7) Destiny – Stranger’s Rifle

The idea of rewarding players for finishing an epic narrative quest in an RPG that is based on multiplayer like Destiny is a bit of a dilemma. On one hand, awarding players the wrong weapon and reducing the rewards to be found in the end-game content On the other hand the weapon that is too weak is like an insult to the face. 

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In the first Destiny, the slap in the face came in the shape of the Strangers Rifle, which was shockingly weak in comparison to the player’s likely moderate level at the point of the campaign’s completion. However, this small oversight was corrected in a subsequent update, so the uncommon quality Stranger Rifle is now a legend.

6) Super Mario 64 – 120 Stars, Yoshi Meeting

We’re not saying that the process of collecting the 120 stars of Super Mario 64 is one of the greatest ever in video games. It takes a tremendous amount of skills to master Mario’s first 3D adventure, and it’s only natural that the reward will be a reflection of the achievement. At first, the chance of a gun opening and blasting you to the top of Princess Peach’s Castle is full of potential. 

Even better, when you’re on the roof you’re welcomed by your familiar friend Yoshi! Can we then ride Yoshi throughout the Mushroom Kingdom? No. It’s not. The only thing that happens is that Yoshi sends a numb message, and you’re given 100 lives. They’re useless when you consider that we’ve already played everything during the gameplay. Let’s not forget the sparks.

5) Earthbound – Beak Point

The game ranges from New Age Retro Hippies to the spooky piles of vomit that are a part of it EarthBound is chock-full of some of the most bizarre things that video games can offer. However, none is odder than the tiny house that sits on the west coast of Onett most likely since it’s the sole piece of real estate in the game that you can purchase. 

The price of $7500 seems absurdly high when you first come across it at the beginning of your quest, so you might think that a fantastic item, a killer weapon, or even a terrifying boss lives inside. When you finally hand in the cash you find that the space is in total disarray, and the entire wall behind it is empty. You only get an odd magazine as well as a photo-op designed to record your disappointment and shame.

4) Breath of the Wild – Hestu’s Gift

When it comes to the rewards for huge achievements, the line between mediocre and extraordinary is frequently blurred. Since Breath Of The Wild’s release, Korok seeds have been a symbol of the relentless and exhausting job of collecting the 900. 

In the short term, collecting seeds is immediately rewarding turning one seed into Hestu signifies one permanent expanded part of Link’s inventory, which has exponentially rising costs. If for whatever reason, the player is obsessed enough to search for all 900 seeds, the reward will be a satirical gold coin: a real piece of rubbish. Although initially confusing, however, the concept of a wild, joyfully innocent korok paying for the gold in his experiment is a too charming act to not hold grudges.

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3) Shadow of the Colossus – That Fruit

In the cutscene at the end of the closing cutscene of Shadow of the Colossus, the Secret Garden near the top of the Shrine of Worship appeared to be a potential goal at the end. The girl Wander has fought for so long is buried there the beloved horse Agro in the end, in the end. 

To get through the dangerous climb to the top of the wall players must complete four game-plays and gather a huge amount of lizards, which will help them max out the stamina of Wander. However, those who climb towards the Secret Garden are met with only a small grove of fruit trees. While not as exciting as a secret ending it’s a good incentive, because the fruit in the Forbidden Lands will always increase Wander’s maximum fitness… however, the fruit will permanently and dramatically lower Wander’s health bar. 

For added annoyance, the players must take in all the fruits found in the garden of secrets in order to obtain this Cornucopia Trophy in the PS3 version. The director of Shadow of the colossus FumitoUeda offers a plausible explanation of the game’s rotten prize: “The fruit in the ancient land was designed to bring you closer to an existence that was not human. This (secret gardens’) fruit was intended to bring you back to human existence.” Although it’s a good storyline, the constant lower in HP after such a long time can feel like a slap on the face.

2) Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity – Nothing

 Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube? The arduous idea and the ancestry behind its concept drew an audience of many thousands of gamers. After squeezing billions of cubes, and numerous premium goods the ultimate prize was found. The prize was claimed by the well-known developer from Fable: Peter Molyneux, to be extraordinary and transformative. An absolutely stunning prize. The prize was just as amazing as Peter Molyneux himself. 

The winner Bryan Henderson was promised fame as digital godhood as well as fortune in the form of an income share, and the power to influence the rules that govern 22 Cans the next game of multiplayer Godus is played. However, Bryan as of June 23rd, 2017 has not received anything according to an interview with Molyneux “in terms of pure profit, actually, Godus has not quite even broken even.” The question of whether Bryan’s revenue share will be triggered following this event isn’t clear however, without a multiplayer game in the near future and Molyneux switched to other projects the odds aren’t looking good.

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1) Everquest’s Kerafyrm the Sleeper – Nothing

The initial Everquest was a pivotal time for the MMO player, where the distinction between impossible and extremely difficult was subject to interpretation. Invincible and invincible, the super heavyweight lore Kerafyrm The Sleeper was created to take down those who woken him, and then ravage the world in virtual Norrath and propel it to the following chapter of the story. However, long after other servers tried but were unsuccessful in battling Kerafyrm the Sleeper two warring factions of the PVP realm called Rallos Zeks joined forces and accomplished what was unimaginable. 

Long and brutal combat ended with the supposed impossible Kerafyrm remaining alive with only one-quarter of his HP. This was not the plan of Sony Online Entertainment as such, and the server GM removed the boss from the game before it was able to be defeated. The Everquest player base was in a state of anger, instead of giving up the narrative control SOE was able to undo numerous hours of player work. In the face of intense critique, the developers returned to the beast and finally were killed with the help of hundreds of talented players. They announced the most disappointing ever reward for video games… Absolutely nothing. The super boss who was unkillable did not drop any loot.

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