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Young And Restless Spoilers

All Young and Restless ( Y&R ) lovers! Next week, what’s in store for Genoa City? Tessa is getting married to Mariah. Kyle may change his mind as Sharon is confronted with a new reality. These storylines and many more are covered in the Young And Restless Spoilers, which were posted for the week of May 16th-2022.

It’s Time to Celebrate Y&R spoilers from the week of May 16th suggest that Tessa’s and Mariah’s wedding will be in full swing. Expect excitement as they prepare to walk down the aisle and some hilarious moments at the reception. There will be some unexpected guests who will join the celebration, which is always a nice surprise!

Young And Restless Spoilers

1. Kyle changes his mind.

Although Kyle made an abrupt decision to travel back to Italy this week with Harrison so he could see Summer’s wedding, Y&R spoilers indicate that fans can expect him to be back in Genoa City for “Teriah.” He did promise to officiate, and it would not be in the character of Mr. Abbott to change that vow. Kyle will therefore be attending the wedding with his “plus-one.”

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2. Spring Arrives in Summer

Y&R spoilers from the week of May 16th suggest Summer will be back in Genoa City with Kyle to attend the “Teriah” wedding as actress Allison Lanier makes her debut in the role. Additional teasers suggest that Summer will assist her husband with Genoa City’s “family issues,” and they will debate whether to move back home permanently.

3. Happy wives, happy lives

Let’s get back to the brides. Y&R spoilers show that Mariah (and Tessa) will be saying their “I do’s” with family and friends. The couple will have little drama, and Crystal, Tessa’s sister, will be there to witness the ceremony and celebrate with them afterward. What new problems may they face now that they have been married? We will only know the outcome of their marriage in time!

4. Jack, you caught a great catch!

Fun Y&R spoilers say that Jack Abbott will catch the bouquet when it is thrown. This could spark some thoughts about marriage and romance. What will Phyllis do when her “good friend” becomes the next in line for a wedding? Will “Phack’ ever reunite? Diane is not allowed to have anything to do!

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5. Allie attends the Big Event.

Y&R spoilers suggest that Allie attend Tessa’s and Mariah’s wedding on May 16th. Jack will invite her to join him. It would be a wonderful way for her to meet new people in Genoa City. Fans can expect her to meet Noah Newman, and sparks fly between them. Here’s hoping!

6. Sharon’s New Reality

Sharon says that the wedding has provided a pleasant distraction since Rey’s death. Y&R spoilers suggest that Sharon will have to face the reality of living without her husband after Tessa’s and Mariah’s wedding. After Mariah and Tessa’s nuptials, will Ms. Rosales experience an emotional crash?

7. Nick Newman for The Save

Unfortunately, Sharon might fall after the wedding. However, Nick and her family will be there to support her. Y&R spoilers say that Sharon’s ex-husband and her loved ones will be there for Sharon as she goes downhill. She will feel empty inside, but she will have support from her loved ones.

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9. The Next Chapter of Esther

Y&R spoilers next week indicate that Chloe will be helping Esther to start a new chapter. Fans can expect reflections on Kate Linder’s life and times in Genoa City as actress Esther celebrates her 40th birthday. There will also be many video clips from the past and pleasant memories. This episode should be fun!

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