Facts about Turtles

Although turtles can seem sedentary and routine creatures, they are fascinating. These fun facts will make you a proud turtle parent. You didn’t know that turtles were so intelligent!

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Facts about Turtles

  1. Turtles can be found all around the globe. You can find turtles in all climates. They are classified as aquatic, semi-aquatic, or semi-terrestrial. All turtles require water to swim or soak, regardless of their location. Some turtles are also required to “bask” to lie down on the dry ground. The exact amount depends on which species you are.
  2. Tortoises and turtles are not the same things. This is not true. The truthThe term “turtle”, an umbrella term, refers to all 200 species within the Testudines family, including tortoises and turtles. The term “turtle” could be more than you thought!
  3. Turtles are one of the oldest living animals. You might not be aware of the life span of turtles if you have never seen one. Turtles are one of the oldest reptile groups. They evolved millions of years ago. Some turtle species can live up to 10 years as pets.
  4. The largest turtles can weigh over a thousand pounds. These turtles are not likely to be found in your local pet shop tank. However, the largest species of sea turtle -the leatherback turtle–can grow to up to 8 feet and can weigh between 600 and 2000 pounds.
  5. The turtle’s shell does not contain an exoskeleton. People mistake the turtle’s outer shell for an exoskeleton. However, a modified rib cage forms part of the vertebral column.
  6. The second shell of turtles is called a plastron. Turtles have an additional shell. Plastrons are usually joined to the upper shell, called the carapace, along both sides of the body to form a complete skeletal structure.
  7. Turtles don’t seem to be silent. Even though they aren’t as loud as cats or dogs, turtles can make various sounds. Depending on their species, this could include anything from chicken-like clucks and dog-like barking,.
  8. Some species of turtles are affected by the weather. Certain species of turtle are capable of surviving in low temperatures. Female hatchlings hatch at higher temperatures.
  9. Within an hour, turtles will lose their first “baby teeth”. Hatchlings have an ” egg tooth ” to help hatchling turtles out of their shells, hatchlings have an “egg tooth”. The egg tooth is gone within an hour of hatching.

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One thing is certain: Turtles are complex creatures that have specific needs. These fun facts may have piqued your curiosity about becoming a turtle parent. Visit your local Petco to meet one and learn more about the appropriate habitat and husbandry of the species you are interested in.

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