Pretzels Nutrition Facts

The pretzel can be described as a hand-held yeast bread, which is usually made into a knot. Read Pretzels Nutrition Facts here!

This snack can be chewy and soft or hard and crunchy , but the majority of them have the appearance of a shiny brown.

Due to their similarity to other snacks similar to potato chips, many people think about how the calorie and sodium content in pretzels are compared to other snacks, and if they’re a healthier option for snacking.

This article will explain the purpose of pretzels and the best way to incorporate them in a healthy diet.

What is a pretzel?

Pretzels are a kind of bread made of wheat or rye flour , and some other ingredients, including sugar, yeast salt, water and butter.

The snack is typically associated with Germany However, various varieties of pretzels be popular all over Europe during the medieval period -especially those from Italy, France, and Austria. Pretzels are now a staple throughout the world.

They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes , but they typically are shaped like knots that twist. Legend has it that the traditional pretzel knot was created by monks who baked their pretzels with this shape in order to symbolize praying arms.

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Pretzels Nutrition Facts

Soft pretzels are big and chewy in texture. They’re typically sold individually and are sold in food stands and restaurants and bakeries.

While hard pretzels are small and crispy and can be consumed in small quantities, based upon their form. They are available at a variety of convenience stores and supermarkets which makes them a convenient snack option.

The classic pretzels are flavorless and flavorful with salt, however, it is possible to spice them with cinnamon, garlic sugar seeds and nuts, chocolate, or other flavors. Pretzels are typically served with cheese, mustard or yogurt-based dip sauces.

When they’re baked pretzels are treated using the sodium hydroxide solution, often referred to as lye. It triggers an chemical reaction on the dough’s surface which makes the pretzels shiny and brown during baking (1 2).

Food-grade sodium hydroxide is safe to consume , however it could be harmful if used appropriately, so it’s usually utilized in only food processing facilities. If you’re looking making pretzels replace baking soda with baking soda to create the same flavor and texture (1 3Trusted Source).


Pretzels are a kind of yeast bread available in two varieties that are soft and hard. The snack-like food is able to get its glossy, brown appearance due to a chemical solution called lye which causes an unusual chemical reaction while baking.

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